New Stems for the Arizer Air by Ed's TNT

New Stems for the Arizer Air by Ed's TNT

Check out the new Eds TNT Stems for the Arizer Air! This Oak has been found laying in a peat bog of Ireland for more than 5,000 years. After all those years it has become stained by the color of the earth. It is a piece of history; not only does it look beautiful, it feels beautiful with a depth of color like the peat earth that was a home to it for so long. Irish bog wood, also known as “morta”, can be described as wood that was buried through time. Peat bog-lands manage to preserve the wood from the natural process of decay through lack of oxygen in the environment. Not only is the wood preserved but it is colored by the tannins naturally present in the acidic environment of the bog. Bog woods are examples of early fossilization and are therefore very rare. The Irish bog oaks can be up to five or six thousand years old; as old as the pyramids. The centuries-long process of timber change results in color from golden-brown to completely black. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same color.

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