Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box

When we started , our goal was to try every vaporizer on the market and only sell the best. There were a lot of vaporizers we wanted to try right away, and a lot we looked at and put in the maybe pile. Originally, the Magic Flight Launch Box was in that maybe pile. We put off trying the Launch Box, thinking it was nothing special, we were wrong.

The Launch Box arrived in a small tin packed with just about every extra you could imagine. Surprisingly, one of the smallest things in the tin is the Vaporizer. At only 2.5 x 1.25 x .9 inches, this was by far the smallest vaporizer we have ever seen.

This small wooden vaporizer has a slide top cover with a large mesh screen oven that has a lot of airflow for strong draws. You put your herb in the oven, cover it up and push the AA battery into the side, within 3 seconds the chamber fills up with dense vapor. Wait what? 3 seconds! That’s right! Most vaporizers take 3-10 minutes to heat up, The Launch Box has an amazing 3-10 second heat up time.

The part that surprised us all, and this was something no one here expected, the flavor you get from the herb is the best we have tasted anywhere! That makes The Magic Flight Launch Box the smallest, fastest heating, best cloud making portable vaporizer we have ever seen! The over sized chamber can be used to shake your herb so you can get a good even draw each time.

Bottom line : The looks of this vaporizer might not impress a lot of people, but the ease of use from this fast heating, powerful, great tasting vaporizer will make it your favorite. Its low price of $99 and its lifetime guarantee should seal the deal. Each of the two AA batteries are good for about 30 draws and recharge in about 15 minutes. We are so happy to have this vaporizer in our store and we know you will love it as much as we do!
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