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As many of you know, PuffItUp is one of the first distributors of the Magic Flight Vaporizer. Throughout the years we have seen Magic Flight make a lot of great changes to their products. One part that always remained the same has been the batteries. Magic flight comes with a a pair of mAh NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries ( Name Brand PowerEx )
For well over a year we have been looking for a good alternative battery for the MFLB. Simply put, we can't find them. Heres why;
- Size - AA batteries all look the same size but they tend to be very slightly bigger or smaller. Magic Flight is designed to fit the OEM batteries within .01 of an inch. The other brands we have tested either fit very loose or they were slightly too big to fit inside the Magic Flight
- Power - The OEM MFLB batteries usually range from 2500-2700 mHa. We often hear of other brands that have a higher mHa that give stronger vapor. This is true, there are other batteries that give stronger vapor, however, every brand we have tried with a higher mHa only lasts a few uses then they either weaken or stop working all together.
- Longevity - In more ways than one, PowerEx batteries are Slow Self Release. meaning they hold a charge much longer than other brands, so you don't have to worry if your batteries will stay charged while not in use. PowerEx batteries also last a lot longer than other brands. In fact, our OEM batteries have a 3 month warranty which is almost unheard of.
We strongly recommend that only OEM Magic Flight Batteries are used with your Vaporizer. You can find these batteries in our Store. These batteries are not cheap, we sell them at cost and make no profit from selling them. The reason we sell these at cost is because we want you to be as happy as possible with your vaporizer, and we know with the right accessories, you will be loving your time Magic Flight Vaporizer for a long(:


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