Is the Flash Vape the next big thing?

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We are excited to get our hands on the newest version of the Flash Vape and try it out. Flash Vape is one of the newer Vaporizer manufactures and they sure take a lot of pride in their product. Few Vaporizers have that "They don't make them like this anymore" feeling. The solid aluminum design makes this vaporizer feel indestructible. The Ceramic oven is a generous 1" diamater which can hold a lot of herb and give nice big clouds, and with a 5 second heat up time, your FV is always ready to use.
A very cool feature is the Glass Top, you can watch your vapor pool which really helps you get those big clouds. Speaking of big clouds, the vapor density is about as strong it gets in a portable vaporizer. Each battery holds enough charge for 2-3 big bowls and the FV comes with a second battery so you can always have a backup ready to go.
Some other things we like about the Flash Vape: You can use it with herbs or concentrates, the screen is replaceable, Made in Canada, Generous battery life.
So is the Flash Vape the next big thing? That's up to you, different people like different vaporizers, however the flash vape is worth checking out and we sure have had a lot of fun with ours over the past few weeks.
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