Iolite Wispr Vaporizer Review

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Wispr Vaporizer
We are excited to finally get our hands on the long awaited update to the Iolite Original. The new Wispr Vaporizer is packed full of new features that make this one of the best portable vaporizers we have ever seen. Here are some of the new features you will find in the new Iolite Wispr:
Wispr Box
Getting a new vaporizer is always fun. Iolite packed the Wispr Vaporizer in a box that makes it feel like the Apple iPhone of Vaporizers.
New Fuel Gauge
Fuel Gauge:
The iolite fills with butane in only 6 seconds. With the new Wispr, you can view exactly how much fuel is in your Vaporizer.
Butane Wispr
The butane now fills from the bottom. The pin feels more sturdy then previous versions. Iolite has also added a unique serial number at the bottom to help fight the counterfeit vaporizers commonly found on eBay and Amazon.
Ignition Light Wispr
Iolite also added a new Ignition Light to make it easier to tell when the vaporizer is active.
Charging Wispr
New Filling Chamber:
The Wispr filling chamber is surprisingly different then their original vaporizer. The mouth piece is now made out of silicon and is very flexible. The original Iolite straws were known to break, the new Wispr straw appears to be unbreakable under normal use. The chamber is the same width but is noticeably longer. Longer bowls increase the density of vapor.
Wispr Bowl
The filling chamber pin is longer than the original, we also noticed the Wispr Chamber is now insulated which will help preserve heat. Preserving the heat will keep the chamber at the high temp longer which means the Wispr will need less fuel to operate.
Original Lolite vs Wispr
The actual size of the Wispr is slightly bigger than the original, however the new design keeps the outside from getting hot.
On and Off Wispr
On / Off:
The Original Iolite had a switch for the butane and a separate switch for the ignition. The Wispr combined both into one easy to use slide switch. When the orange is showing, the butane is on, you then push down the slide one more time and the ignighter starts heating the vaporizer.
Wispr Pouch
The Wisprs new retro design is a very cool look. Even though the Wispr only weighs 4.5 ounces, it has a very sturdy feel and does not get hot like the original does. The ignition light, fuel gauge, and flexible straw shows that Iolite has been listening to their customers. The actual vapor will not disappoint, the longer filling chamber gives a stronger vapor and great flavor. There are no noticeable smells with the Wispr which is a common flaw with other brands.
Iolite continues to make great products, Get your Wispr today with free Butane.
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