Iolite Vaporizer Review

Iolite Vaporizer Review

All right boys and girls, welcome to the first of many product reviews.

The main reason we are doing reviews is to give you our honest opinion of products before you buy them. We only sell products that we would use ourselves. However, our goal here is to be as honest as possible about the pros and cons of the products we sell.
If you have an opinion on anything you read here, please comment on this blog. That being said, let’s get started. It is only fitting that we start with the Iolite Vaporizer. This is one of the first vaporizers we sold and we continue to sell more of these than any other.
  • The first thing you notice with the Iolite is the packaging. It is somewhat like unboxing an iPhone. Everything is packed in a well designed, molded box.
  • Right away you will notice with the Iolite is how light it is. Most portable vaporizers use battery packs, which do make it portable, but can add several extra pounds. The use of butane not only makes it weigh less than any other vaporizer, it also heats up faster than any other portable.
  • Charging the Iolite with butane takes 10 seconds at most and lasts for about 2 hours of use. (Compare that to 30 minutes of use after a 2 hour battery charging.) It’s simple to use. You flick the switch on the back and the butane starts flowing. Press the button on the front and you have ignition. Within 45 seconds, it is hot enough to use, although optimal heating time is closer to 5 minutes. Once the Iolite is at the proper temperature, the butane automatically shuts off. It will turn itself on and off as needed to keep the heating element at the proper temperature.
  • The actual inhalation air flow is good, but not great. Keep in mind this vaporizer is smaller than others so the air flow is not what you would expect from a bigger unit with a large whip.

When you buy an Iolite make sure that you get the newest model with the stainless steel straws.

In the older versions, the straws were solid plastic which could melt and break off. This was a HUGE flaw in the original design. The newer models have fixed this with the addition of metal teeth. Surprisingly, the Iolite is not hot, but the straws can get hot which is why we include a foot of clear tubing. That way you can get a good strong hit without the hot sensation on your mouth. Another thing to note with the clear tubes is that you can see the vape flowing through the tube. Even after hundreds of uses, the tube will still be clear. Compare that to a pipe that accumulates a layer of tar after only a few uses. Every Iolite is shipped with a neoprene carrying case, pipe cleaners, a cleaning tool, and replacement screens. 

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best portable vaporizers ever made! The Iolite is so easy to use that you will not mind the minor airflow problem. You will love the ability to take your vaporizer with you wherever you go. Best of all, you get a full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty when you buy from an authorized seller like PUFFITUP.

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