INDICA i2 - Coming Soon

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INDICA i2 – Coming Soon

The brilliant minds behind the INDICA vaporizer have been hard at work engineering an improved model that promises to take their original design to the next level: The INDICA i2

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The original INDICA quickly gained popularity due to great performance, form and build quality. The INDICA i2 is set to do more than just follow these traditions; improvements are being made in nearly every aspect of the device. Not many details about the INDICA i2 have been publicly released yet, but here is what we know so far:

The most unique feature of the INDICA i2 will likely be inhalation dependent smart-control. The i2 can recognize when it isn’t being used and lower the temperature accordingly. When the unit detects an inhalation it is able to rise back to the set temperature nearly immediately. This feature should improve battery life and avoid any idle cooking of your material.

Battery life has been increased dramatically, allowing for a longer usage time per charge compared to the original INDICA and many other popular portable models.

The mouthpiece design has been greatly enhanced. Instead of being fixed in place, it now folds down flush with the unit and features a silicone cover for increased portability.

A Bluetooth app to pair with the INDICA i2 is being developed for release alongside the unit. The app will be able to control temperature and gauge remaining battery life.

The top section of the unit is now removable, allowing easy access to the airpath, which should make cleaning and personal maintenance of the unit nearly effortless.

One of the most popular features of the original INDICA is how much material can be packed in the heating chamber. The INDICA i2 features the same chamber depth to allow huge packs. The INDICA i2 is also designed to handle small packs as well as large, for those of us that believe less is more.

Another favorite feature from the original INDICA that will be making a return is single button control: Turning the unit on and off is as simple as holding down the power button for a few seconds. Cycling through temperature settings is just as easy, achievable by double-pressing the only button on the unit.

Three different color schemes are currently planned for the release of the INDICA i2: Silver, Matte Black and Black with Silver top section.

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