Imag + Ceramic Portable Vaporizer Review. Quality Vape at a low price

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Check out the Imag vaporizer in action

Looking for a great portable vaporizer at an affordable price? Check out the Imag + Ceramic Vaporizer. The Imag+ is made by Relaxo Technologies and is their first Dry Herb Vape. imag vape ceramic chamber The original version had a stainless steel tank with a heating coil below it; this could cause combustion. The new version has a ceramic glass chamber that only produces Pure Vapor. Ceramic Chambers are very popular right now; they provide great vapor, are very durable and are more energy efficient than other materials. The mouthpiece is directly above the chamber, so the vapor can come out on the hotter side; this is common with small vapes that make big vapor clouds. You can easily add some silicone tubing to the mouthpiece to cool down the vapor, or just run it through a water pipe.
Speaking of water pipes, check out the video. As you can see, the Imag + has no problem easily filling up a rig. At 10 seconds in the video you see the excess vapor flow out of the two side holes, that shows you how free flowing the air is. The air intake is directly below the heating chamber; keeping the air path away from any of the major electrical components. imag plus ceramic vaporizer review main The vaporizer is 6.4" long and weighs 5 Ounces. There are three temperature settings: Blue-374f Purple-410f Red-446f. Batery life is about 17 medium cycles per charge and charging time is about 2 hours. This vaporizer can be used while charging. Heat up time is a speedy 30-40 seconds, shut off time is 3 minutes. imag plus ceramic vaporizer The Imag + Ceramic comes with a set of tweezers, brush, tool bag, USB charger and replacement mouthpiece with screen. With our combo we include a free 2.25" Grinder, 1 year functional warranty and 2 day priority shipping anywhere in the states. If you are ordering outside of the USA, contact us and we can help figure out the best possible price. Conclusion: More and more vaporizers are entering the market; the Imag + is definitely worth checking out. The price is low and the vapor clouds are big. The vaporizer itself has a sturdy feel and is a nice vape to carry around. Air Flow is fantastic and the battery life is great. If you are looking for a powerful vaporizer at a low price, this is one of the better options. But Wait, there's more! For a limited time you can get the Imag + for only $55 with code IMAG55 That price is not guaranteed forever so don't miss your chance. imag plus ceramic vaporizer review boxes


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