Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

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The Fury 2 is Portable AF

The Fury 2 is an extremely small portable vaporizer; at only 3 inches tall and less than 5 ounces the Fury is one of the most compact herb vapes we've seen. Most of the F2's weight is the Kirksite unibody, an ultra tough metal alloy shell to hold up like a tank. Heat up time is a quick 20 seconds with a 4 minute auto shut-off. The internal 18500 battery is a LiPo for safety. The Fury 2 fully charges in 90 minutes from the micro USB and gets you about 40 minutes of life.

Digital Display

The display shows you set temperature, battery life, current temperature and the shut off timer. 
fury 2 portable vaporizer display

How to use the Fury 2

Load the chamber - we recommend finely ground dry material for the thickest vapor. Press the power button three times and the Fury 2 will automatically start heating. You can adjust the temperature between 320 and 430 fahrenheit using the bottom buttons. Easy enough right? Next to the chamber, the Fury 2 has two LED lights that are red when your vaporizer is heating and turn green when fully heated.


Vapor Production

The first thing that really stands out is the airflow. The Fury 2 airflow is less restricted than any other vaporizer in this size category.
A lot of smaller vaporizers put the mouthpiece right above the chamber. That's not a good design, vapor needs some time to cool down. The Fury 2 mouthpiece has a nice open area that helps cool down your vapor. 
Fury 2 mouthpiece
Cloud production is above average for mini vaporizers. HERE is an example of the vapor production. This thing chucks clouds for such a little guy.
Overall the flavor quality is fantastic. The hybrid chamber starts off as convection dominant then moves closer to conduction. This is great for extraction, however it causes the flavor quality to fade toward the end of your session.
That being said, in our opinion the Fury 2 flavor is superior to anything else we have tried in the $150 price range. Good flower needs to be enjoyed like an expensive bottle of wine. You want that full flavor profile which is something the Fury 2 does a great job of providing.

Isolated Airpath

We believe isolated air-paths are important. Keeping your airflow separated from the electronic components and batteries avoids any unwanted tastes and more importantly it's a good safety feature. We recently ripped apart the Fury 2 so you can see this vaporizer inside and out. The airpath is completely isolated from the rest of the components. The Fury 2 is actually one of the better examples of air-path isolation that we have seen. Other great examples are Boundless and Flowermate.
 fury 2 airpath
Here you can see the the Fury 2's chamber directs air through the bottom of the vaporizer, completely isolated.

Stainless Steel Chamber

The Fury 2's stainless steel chamber is similar to the Fog; diffused air jets at the base provide convection heat while the chamber walls are heated conductively. The chamber with standard mouthpiece holds about .15 - .2g of ground material. The heating element is a small coil that sits below the screen. Like with all vaporizers, we recommend doing a few "burn offs" before the first use. 
fury 2 chamber


The Fury 2 has a handful of optional mouthpieces for increased versatility. The standard water pipe adapter's .08g capacity is top notch for micro-dosing. The XL water pipe adapter can hold up to .12g and both WPAs pair with 10mm, 14mm and 18mm female connections. A curved direct draw glass mouthpiece with a capacity of about .1g is also available. All three glass stem options increase convection and lower conduction by removing your material from direct contact with the heated chamber walls.


Fury 2 Final Thoughts

After a couple months of usage our primary thought on the Fury 2 is that it draws harder than a palm vaporizer should. Major props to Healthy Rips for making a hybrid vaporizer this small with vapor production and flavor on par with vapes 2-3x the size and price. Most palm portables can be a bit harsh due to the short distance between the heater and mouthpiece but the Fury 2's open chambered mouthpiece lowers vapor temperature drastically before reaching your mouth.
An ultra compact form requires an ultra compact battery. The Fury 2's 18500 LiPo carries a 1600mAh capacity capable of providing about 40 minutes of heat per charge which is impressive for a unit so small but less than you would get from most larger portables. We don't count battery size limitation as a weakness but it does warrant mentioning if you plan to chain vapor sessions all day without charging
The Fury 2's build quality is impressive both externally and internally. We always love seeing metal being used instead of plastic. Not only does metal hold up infinitely better than plastic, it looks and feels better too. As we saw in our Fury 2 Teardown, airpath isolation from electronics and use of internal space is among the best we've seen to date. 
fury 2 final thoughts

Grab your own Fury 2 Vaporizer HERE.

We hope you enjoyed our Fury 2 vaporizer review, if you have any feedback please let us know in the comments section below. We're ramping up the amount of reviews, contests and other content we release all year so keep an eye on our Reddit, Instagram and YouTube for all the juicy PIU goodness!


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