Fury EDGE Teardown

Fury EDGE Teardown

Fury edge vaporizer teardown

Fury EDGE Teardown

Hello there and thanks for tuning into another exciting teardown!

We take apart vaporizers so you can see what they look like on the inside. 

By the way, ripping your vaporizer into pieces completely voids your warranty. 

fury edge vaporizer teardown


The EDGE is one of our most popular vaporizers and rightfully so. 

  • 40% larger battery than the competition
  • Stainless Steel airpath, chamber and heating element
  • Extended airpath to make the vapor smoother
  • USB-C charging
  • Simple operation with lots of features
  • Thick outer shell that can take a beating

Those are just some of the features in the EDGE. However like all vaporizers, it's what's inside that counts. 

So lets get this vape opened up and see what its made of

fury edge teardown mouthpiece open

The mouthpiece snaps into place. 

fury edge mouthpiece open

Ripped apart you can see the mouthpiece core is a glass tube.

Above the glass there is a black piece of silicone which cushions the glass for shock-absorption and also redirects the air to the tip of the mouthpiece

Below the glass you have another silicon cushion for more of that shock-absorption

And a screen with a silicone ring to keep the connection between the mouthpiece and base airtight 

fury edge teardown screen removal

The LCD screen has a vanity cover that tints the actual display


fury edge teardown screen open

Below the display there are two screws that connect the chassis to the shell

fury edge teardown chassis open

fury edge vaporizer buttons

 Buttons, you know what buttons do......

fury edge portable vaporizer chassis removal

The chassis has a divider wall that separates your electronics from the chamber.


fury edge vaporizer shell

The outer shell is kirksite with a rubberized layer, which looks sexy and makes the EDGE easier to grip.

fury edge teardown battery

20600 LiPo Battery

The upgraded 265000 9.6 what hour Lithium Polymer is one of the major improvements over the upgrades from the original Fury 2, which has a 40% smaller battery. 


fury edge teardown circuitry

The Display is also similar to the fury 2 however it does have some important upgrades, such as the USB-C Charging, addition of haptic feedback (it vibrates) and updated firmware

fury edge teardown chamber assembly

fury edge chamber pulled apart

fury edge teardown chamber parts

The stainless steel air-path and heating element are insulated with a cotton wrap and the outer housing. 

There is a small piece of dielectric tape wrapped around the outside of the airpath, this adhesive-free tape holds the thermometer probe next to the chamber

fury edge teardown stainless steel chamber

This stainless Steel parts are pressure fitted into place, making them nice and secure, also a pain in the arse to rip apart. 

fury edge temp guage

Here is that temperature probe. You see this part used in most vaporizers. 

fury edge stainless chamber heating element

It took a little work with the dremel and some prying apart with pliers to get these parts opened up. 

It was worth it though, now we can see the stainless steel heating element 

Aside from a small ceramic piece that directs airflow, the entire chamber is metal, mostly stainless steel except for a small ring that holds the parts into place.  

fury edge teardown final thoughts


We like well built vaporizers and in our opinion the Fury EDGE is one of the better examples. 

That being said, we are here to start the conversation, not finish it. 

Did we miss anything? Do you have any questions we haven't answered yet?

If so, GREAT! Leave us a comment or question.


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Hi, I think is time to use replacement battery 21700 for the vaporiser!!! Pls😁


Jake Moss We highly recommend against disassembling your vaporizer. We had to destroy this Fury Edge in order to access the battery. There's no user replaceable battery with this unit, and disassembling your unit can be dangerous as well as voids your warranty. If you ever have battery issues with your device, reach out to your retailer (via helppuffitup.com if you bought it from us) or the manufacturer and we can be sure to help. =)

Alex (PIU)

LOVE the teardown. Might want to inquire about replacement batteries to the company at some point in the future from this company myself! :)

Jake Moss

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