Fury 2 Teardown - New Year, New Vape Destruction!

Fury 2 Teardown - New Year, New Vape Destruction!

Fury 2 Disassembly - First Vape Teardown 

The Fury 2 vaporizer from Healthy Rips vapor clouds on par with units 2-5x larger make it a prime contender. To figure out what makes this bad boy so furious we broke one down beyond recognition for all the exclusive details about materials, build and internal parts!

WARNING: Do not attempt this vape teardown, any disassembly other than the mouthpiece will void your warranty.


healthy rips fury 2 portable vaporizer chamber teardown

Mouthpiece Removal

The first piece of the Fury 2 we took apart was the mouthpiece. This section is meant to be removed for cleaning and connects to the unit with tabs for easy access to the loading chamber and mouthpiece internals. 
healthy rips fury 2 mouthpiece teardown

Mouthpiece Disassembly

The mouthpiece is fully modular and disassembles into 7 parts. The black outer pieces secure the blue and tan silicone retainers that hold the stainless steel screen and glass vapor path within. 
fury 2 first part

Gaining Entry

The only access seam we could find was surrounding the digital display. Once we pried the screen cover off and lifted the display we gained access to the opening point. 
fury 2 screw removal

Opening The Chassis

Beneath the digital screen were 2 screws recessed into the casing. These screws secure the internal electronics and heating assembly within the chassis. 
fury 2 shell removal

Removing The Chassis

With the screws removed we're now able to take off the outer shell of the Fury 2 and get to the good stuff.

This is our first look at the circuit board, battery and heater assembly. 

fury 2 shell

Internals and Shell

The Fury is among the smallest herbal vaporizers released so far at only 2" x 1" x 3".

Not a single centimeter of internal space is wasted; the electronics and heating element are nearly a 1:1 fit in the shell. 

fury 2 airpath

Airflow Isolation

Very well isolated airflow; the intake at the bottom confines air directly into the heater through the air jets in the loading chamber. 
fury 2 shell teardown

Inside the Shell

The Fury 2 is so light we originally thought it could be plastic but inside the shell is uncoated metal; the entire chassis is tough and lightweight Kirksite alloy. 
fury 2 removed teardown

RIP Fury 2

This is it; the point of no return. Another quick reminder to NOT follow along with our teardowns.

Snip snip! We had to cut the wires between the heater, circuit board and battery to remove everything from the inner enclosure. 

fury 2 circuit board teardown fury 2 digital display back

Circuit Board Removal

With the circuit board disconnected from the other internals we have a closer look at the connections and individual parts. The dual LED light panel that sits beside the mouthpiece is connected to the PCB with three wires. The front of the digital OLED display is connected with a double thick ribbon cable for electricity and data transfer. The brass colored ovals are the button actuators; both the buttons and housing feel high quality and sturdy. On the back of the circuit board we can see more well soldered connections and the Micro-USB charging port. 
fury 2 battery 18650

18500 Li-ion LiPo Battery

The Healthy Rips Fury 2 is powered by a single 18500 Lithium Ion Lithium Polymer battery with a 5.92Wh capacity which equates to about 1600mAh. The 18500 is the smaller brother of the 18650 we most commonly see in portable vaporizers. 18500 batteries have the same voltage output of the 18650 for the same amount of power to the heater though the run time is typically a little lower due to the smaller length. We get around 40 minutes of runtime with the Fury with a full 90 minute charge which isn't far off most single 18650 vaporizers.

Edit: We originally thought the Fury 2's battery was lithium-ion but Healthy Rips gave us the heads up that it's actually lithium polymer, an even safer chemistry. Instead of the liquid electrolyte and rigid metal case of standard lithium-ion cells, lithium polymer batteries use a polymer electrolyte in a flexible polymer laminate foil to prevent any possibility of explosion. 

fury 2 chamber housing

Heating Assembly Removal

Here is the full heating assembly from the Fury 2. The housing appears to be made of rigid thermoplastic with the heater held in place by a silicone retaining ring. 
fury 2 chamber open

Accessing the Heating Chamber

With the retaining rings removed we get a view of the top of the loading chamber and the insulation surrounding it within the housing. 
fury 2 chamber parts

Heating Chamber Removal

After pulling out the heater from the housing we get a better look at the insulation surrounding the heating chamber. It appears to be densely layered cotton (though we could be wrong) with an outer layer of thermal tape to retain heat. 
fury 2 stainless steel chamber

Insulation Removed

With the fiber insulation removed we're down to the heater wrapped with an inner layer of thermal tape. On the left you can see the dry herb loading chamber; the chamber is conductive and heated air rising through your material is diffused by the openings in the screen for uniform convection heating.

I dont see a good way to take apart this element but I really want to check it out. Time to pull out the dremel! 

fury 2 chamber screens

Dremel Time

A little chopping to the side of the cylinder and we're in! We're now able to remove the upper filter piece from the chamber. 
fury 2 chamber open cut teardown

Heating Chamber Disassembly

Both pieces of the heating assembly are pressure fitted too tightly to separate by force; luckily thanks to a bit of dremeling we're able to get a good view of each. 
fury 2 chamber layed out

Heating Element Removal

Once we pull open the interior of the heating assembly we finally gain access to the heating element itself. The Fury 2 uses a resistive coil heating element, a style which is becoming more and more popular. Resistant metal coils provide ultra-quick heat up times and the most efficient use of battery, ideal for pocket portables. Air enters the Fury 2 through the base and travels up an isolated tube where the heating coil is contained. The heated coil controls the temperature of both the loading chamber and the air passing through it for a combination of conduction and convection extraction, the best of both worlds for flavor and vapor output.

Closing Thoughts

We're glad to see palm sized vapes finally hitting performance in league with larger portables. The Fury 2 heats in less than 30 seconds, is surprisingly powerful and the metal unibody feels far classier and more durable than a plastic chassis. The materials all feel high quality and the assembly itself was top notch with clean, sturdy connections. It's clear the design team put a lot of thought into which parts to use and the perfect placement to keep everything as tiny as possible, this is one of the smallest vapes we've used and there isn't a mm to spare within the chassis. If you'd like more information on the Fury 2 or want to purchase one of your own please hit up our listing HERE.

Have any thoughts or questions about our Fury 2 Teardown? Please drop us a comment below to let us know.


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Check out Reddit to enter our newest contest for a free Fury 2, Instagram for some Fury 2 milk shots and our Fury 2 review video on Youtube for additional details and usage tips!

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