FocusV Carta v2 Teardown - PuffItUp!

FocusV Carta v2 Teardown - PuffItUp!

Focus Carta Teardown

Focus V Carta V2 Teardown!

Hey all! We are stoked to share this one with ya! Today we’ve put together a Focus V Carta V2 teardown so you can see what’s inside of it without taking your own unit apart and voiding your warranty. Before we get started, let’s talk about The Carta a bit. The Focus V Carta V2 is an electronic, portable, all-in-one set up for concentrates that also has the option to vaporize dry material if you purchase a separate dry material attachment. The Carta is incredibly small compared to older, less portable set-ups and is compatible with a lot of third-party carb caps for versatility. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has made the top of our list for these types of vaporizers! 

Focus V Carta V2 Body

Carta Outer Shell

The Carta features a beautiful lightweight outer shell that is made from a rubberized ABSB plastic. The unit, when put together, weighs about 13 ounces and stands around 7 inches tall. It’s pretty tiny but it packs a satisfying punch. 

Carta V2 Atomizer Connection

Chamber Attachment

On the outside of the chamber attachment there are two small rubber plugs that neatly hide a couple of hex screws. We went ahead and pulled those out, but they didn’t get the vape open… 

Carta V2 Silicone that holds the glass

We guessed that there might be some more screws beneath the silicone gasket but there weren’t and there’s no adhesive holding it in place either. The part is actually fixed firmly in place with pressure instead. When using the Carta, the air flows through the gasket and chamber which keeps the airpath isolated from electronics. 

Carta V2 Isolated Airpath

Here, we cut some wires to remove the chamber and found two more screws underneath. 

Focus V Carta V2 Outer Shell

The Outer Shell and Getting to the Internals

The black part of the Carta's ASBS plastic outer shell has been torn away and there’s a small screw found on the bottom. 

Focus V Carta V2 Serial Number

Here’s a shot from the base. We removed the small plate here and found 5 more screws holding the base in place and housing the electronics. This is probably where we should have started, but it's fun to rip things apart and learn as we go. 

Carta V2 Housing

The Internals

Once the screws are removed, the insides are easy to pull out and we can get a good look at the chip and wiring that make this unit work.

Carta V2 PCB in base

Ah yes. Beautiful. This year's Carta teardown is next year's modern art. 

Focus Carta PCB front

Focus Carta PCB back

 Here are two shots of the PCB and wiring outside of the housing. You can easily see the USB-c on the left side of the board and the golden temperature control buttons on the right. 

Foucs Carta haptic feedback PCB

On the left side of the picture above, you can see the LED lights and the control button we usually see from the outside of the vape. On the right side we have the back of the chip which contains a mini haptic sensor that makes the unit vibrate. 

Focus Carta USB-C

The USB-c port is responsible for faster battery charging, and the Carta batteries typically put out about an hour's worth of power. 

Focus V Carta V2 Shrouds

In this shot above, you can see the outer shell, battery compartment, 2 shrouds, the other portion of the outer shell, and the airpath. 

Focus Carta LED cover and lights

Here we have the LED cover on the left. This is placed over the four LED lights and is shaped specifically to direct the light upwards so that it doesn't spread out. This is so that when one of the lights shines, we only see that one light instead of the light spreading and shining out of all four. On the right side we have the power button cover. 

Focus V Carta V2 Atomizer

The Focus Carta V2 atomizer. Lets take it apart to get a better look. 

Focus V Carta titanium bucket ceramic heater and atomizer shell

From left to right, we have our Atomizer top cover, the ti bucket, the atomizer shell, the ceramic heating plate, the connector (on top), and the insulator. Attention: Small parts not suitable for children. Choking hazard. Do not put these in your, or anybody else's mouths. 

Focus V Carta V2 Ceramic Heater

These ceramic plate wires feature a ceramic insulation. Only you can prevent forest fires! 

Focus V Carta V2 Teardown

We do these teardowns so we can feel better about the products we use and we're happy to know that the Carta has a clean build with an isolated airpath and that there are no adhesives used in any unsafe areas.

As always, we care most about what you think so please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts on the FocusV Carta V2 Teardown with us!

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T5s not hex

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T5s not hex

Emmanuel Napoles

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