Flowermate Nano Review

Flowermate Nano Review

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Flowermate’s claim to fame is their v5 series vaporizers. They are known for being extremely reliable at a great price. It has been quite a while since FM has added a new portable vaporizer to this lineup. After being a work in progress for several years, it is here! The Flowermate Nano! Packed with plenty of features, this small vaporizer will vape your socks off.

Portability & Form

As far as size is concerned the Flowermate v5 Nano falls in between the Flowermate Mini and FM v5s. Overall size is 3.75 inches tall and 2 inches wide, while total weight is 5.5 ounces with the replaceable 18650 battery. That’s right, a replaceable 18650 in a Flowermate vaporizer.

On the bottom of the device you will find the door that covers two ports. One is for your mouthpiece, which is also the intake airpath for the chamber, and the other is an isolated area for your battery. Included with the Flowermate Nano vaporizer is an 18650 that is 2500mAh, 3.7 volts, and 20 amps. The mouthpiece storage area has an integrated spring, this allows the mouthpiece to easily be removed as soon as you open the door. The outer shell of the FM Nano vaporizer is one solid piece of aluminum. On the top of the device you have a solid plastic slide that covers the black ceramic chamber.

flowermate nano logo

Heating Style & Chamber

The chamber is quite different on this new Flowermate, although the same size as previous models, it features a black ceramic coating. You can loosely load around a quarter of a gram of your favorite vapeable herb in the chamber. Similar to the Boundless CFX there is a small spiral staircase that heats up the air that is moving to the chamber. This results in a slight amount of convection, making this portable vape in between a hybrid and conduction unit. We will refer to the Flowermate Nano it as a conduction portable though.

Underneath the chamber is the isolated airpath, with storage space for your glass mouthpiece. There is a plastic cover beneath the airpath and battery door. The battery door has a metal clasp that is super simple to open. The top of the vaporizer has a plastic sliding door to prevent dust from getting in the ceramic oven when it is not in use.

Vapor Quality & Draw Resistance

The vapor production of this portable vape is wicked, better than any other Flowermate we have tried. The airflow is a tiny bit restrictive, but that helps build denser vapor. The Nano has good flavor, no weird metallic taste or anything of that nature. Towards the end of the session you will notice a mild popcorn taste, as with all conduction dominant vaporizers. This is a great indication that you should swap out your herb for a fresh load.

The mouth piece can get warm, and to counter this we have been leaving that piece of silicone tubing on. It will not burn you, but you will notice it if you are constantly pulling from the vaporizer. We recommend a medium grind and carrying a poker tool with you due to the mouthpiece, sometimes finely ground herb can make its way through the screen and no one likes scooby snacks.

The AVB is an even brown color, we took pictures after a session at 385°F and 420°F!

flowermate nano avb comparison

Battery & Charging

When it is time for a quick session, hold the power button. You will feel the v5 Nano vibrate. Heat up time is roughly 30 seconds, and you get some nice vapor production. Better than the previous Flowermate vaporizers. Battery life is approximately 45 minutes with the included 18650 battery. If you have 2 batteries you can go on a 2 hour hike and vape the entire time! Charging via usb takes a couple hours, making an external battery charger something worth considering. Who wants to sit there for 2 hours waiting to vape when you can charge 4 batteries at once and have them ready to go??

flowermate nano removable 18650 battery

Airpath & Internals

The FM V5 Nano’s airpath is completely isolated from the battery and electronics. Air enters through the metal tube above the mouthpiece compartment and is tunneled directly into the heater above. The airpath tube has a small spring loaded mechanism to push the mouthpiece out of the storage area. If you would like to learn more about the internals of this vaporizer please read our Flowermate Nano teardown, we break it down and show you how it is made!

Ease of Use

The front of the device has a medium sized digital display, which features a huge easy-to-see font. The micro usb charging port and three large buttons are on the front panel as well. The bottom two buttons control your temperature, and the top button with the FM logo is your power button.

Press the power button 5x to turn your FM v5 Nano on or off. Hold the power button to heat up the chamber. The two temperature buttons are easy to use. If you hold your vaporizer so the power button is on the left, the left temperature button adjusts the temperature upwards. The right temperature button adjusts the temperature downwards. If you hold both buttons together you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To load your favorite herbs in the ceramic chamber, whip out your included loading tool. It will stick directly to the chamber due to a magnet, and it blocks the threads from getting dirty. This is a great feature, as it minimizes one of my complaints from older models. The Flowermate Nano does have a waterpipe adapter (WPA) that will be available soon.


Cleaning is fairly simple with the Nano portable vaporizer. Get out your 99% isopropyl alcohol, some qtips, and the cleaning brush. Empty the ceramic chamber of the AVB and eat it. Take your cleaning brush, dipped in iso, and while holding the vape upside down clean the oven. After, swab the conduction chamber with a qtip dipped in iso. We recommend doing a burn off at maximum temperature without the mouthpiece on. Finally, while letting the iso burn off of the chamber, it is time to clean the glass mouthpiece. Use the brush to remove particles from the screen. Pull the mouthpiece off the screen and either swab it with a qtip + iso or let it sit in isoproyl alcohol for 5 minutes and then swab it.

flowermate nano digital display


Each FM v5 Nano ships with
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • 18650 Battery (2500mAh)
  • Wax Pod
  • Dry Pod
  • Loading Cap
  • 5 Stainless Steel Screens
  • Loading Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • User Manual


The Flowermate Nano includes a limited manufacturer's 1 year warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller such as Puffitup! The warranty protects functionality, other than the battery and glass mouthpiece, but user incurred damage isn’t covered.

Comparable Options

The Flowermate v5 Nano is an ultra compact pocket portable vaporizer with a removable 18650 and conduction heating at $129 USD. Other options to consider within the same price range are the Healthy Rips Fury 2, and Boundless CF. The Boundless CF would be a better option if you have a high tolerance, as it features a 0.5g chamber. Vapexhale ELB screens make a very fine addition to the CF, allowing you to preload when you are out and about. The Fury 2 is perfect for those who want an even smaller package than the Nano, which is made possible due to the smaller non-removable battery.

Final Thoughts

The v5 Nano is a sipper. It is extremely consistent and the flavor is good for a conduction vaporizer. We were extremely happy to see the removable 18650, and hope that Flowermate continues that feature in future products. The spring loaded storage chamber is an awesome addition to this fantastic affordable vaporizer. It definitely would make it onto our list of best budget vaporizers of 2018.

If you want more information, or if you are ready to add the Flowermate Nano to your vaporizer collection. You can find us at PuffItUp.com. We hope you found this post helpful. If you want more info you can watch our reviews on the PuffitupTV Youtube channel. Feel free to ask us any questions or leave suggestions in the comment section below.


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We want to make the perfect review videos for you! Please let us know how we can improve in the comments below. Feel free to ask questions about the Flowermate Nano as well! Keep tabs on our Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. We hold contests for free portable vaporizers fairly often!

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