First look - Davinci MIQRO

First look - Davinci MIQRO


A brand that matches beautiful design with some extremely innovative features. The Davinci MIQRO is the fourth vaporizer Davinci has released. It looks very similar to their Davinci IQ, as if they stuck it in Szalinzki's Shrinking Machine and set it to the 'miqro' setting. It features a ceramic conduction oven as well as a removable 18350 battery. Here is our first look at the Davinci MIQRO portable vaporizer.

Davinvi miqro color options

Here you can see the new color scheme for the MIQRO vape. Davinci has outdone themselves, showing off 5 flavorful colors at Champ's Trade show this week. We will be getting more images soon, so check back in for updated images!

The Davinci MIQRO features:

  • Microdosing abilities using the chamber pearl (41% reduction in chamber size)
  • Smaller removable 18350 battery
  • Smaller screen with fewer LED lights
  • Smart path technology
  • Single digit temperature stepping (precision temperature)
  • Boost mode
  • Built in stir tool
  • Removable cubic zirconia airpath
  • Anodized aluminum body

The Davinci MIQRO specs:

  • 31% reduction in overall size
  • 104g weight
  • 0.91 x 1.34 x 3.13 in
  • 5 year warranty
  • 40-50 second heat up time

davinci miqro and iq comparison

Here is a close up comparing the DV MIQRO vaporizer to the larger IQ vaporizer. Both by Davinci. As you can see, the smaller MIQRO (pictured in red) has the same basic design as the IQ. This will result in the MIQRO being much more pocket friendly, making it barely noticeable while you carry it around. Davinci kept the silicone gaskets on the mouthpieces for the MIQRO, to match the IQ, although the shape has changed significantly.

We would also love to know what your favorite color is. Share your opinion with us on the official PuffItUp Instagram!


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