The FIERCE vaporizer First Look - PuffItUp!

The FIERCE vaporizer First Look - PuffItUp!

Healthy Rips changed my opinion of ultra-portable vaporizers when they released the Fury 2. Tiny vaporizers are awesome however they always seem to lack quality vapor production. What impressed me the most about the Fury 2 was how quickly it could fill up a water-pipe with dense vapor. Sure, you can get decent draws from several ultra-portables, but never anything that makes you think "wow". The Fury 2 gave me that "wow" moment the first time I used it and continues to be one of my favorite vaporizers.

About a year ago Healthy Rips started talking to us about a new vaporizer similar to the Fury 2 except twice as big, with a larger chamber, bigger clouds, and a big ol battery. Yeah, we were interested, how could we not be?

This is our first look at the final design of the FIERCE vaporizer by Healthy Rips. A vape we are very excited to talk about. :-D 

Healthy Rips Fierce side by side

The FIERCE vaporizer

The Fierce is a powerful beast of a portable vaporizer. It can be used with either the standard mouthpiece or the accessory attachment which can hold multiple styles of glass adapters. The accessory attachment comes with a glass mouthpiece that fits into the chamber for a convection dominant draw.

Vapor Production

Healthy Rips obsessed about the vapor production for a long time. They used the FIERCE side by side with some of the most popular brands until they were confident theirs was one of the best.

For me personally, I am thoroughly impressed with the vapor. The airflow is fairly open with a little bit of restriction to make your vapor production denser. Through the glass stems I noticed the "fresh" taste lasting a little longer. This is because the glass sidewalls insulate the heat from the chamber making the vapor production more convection for the first few minutes of use.

This vaporizer chucks clouds. There is no question the FIERCE is in the "powerful" category. It takes little effort to get a giant cloud. After burn offs the vapor flavor is fantastic; arguably one of the best tasting powerful vapes.

Fierce Vs Fury 2

FIERCE vs the Fury 2

Size 4 x 3 x 1" 3 x 2 x 1"
Weight 10.2 oz 4.7 oz
Chamber Size .2 g .11 g
Battery 4050 mAh LiPo 1600 mAh LiPo
Charging USB-C Micro USB

Going by the numbers, the FIERCE is slightly more than double the size of the Fury 2.

 Fierce stainless steel chamber


With the heating element below the chamber the Fierce starts off as convection dominant and heats the stainless steel chamber throughout your session to achieve full extraction. Heat up time to 400F is about 30 seconds. The chamber fits around .2 grams.

Loosely loading your material seems to work the best. Filling the chamber too tight will restrict the airflow and the hot air will not be able to pass through your material properly. For best extraction pour your material into the chamber and do not tamp it down.

 Healthy Rips Fierce Battery


The FIERCE battery is a removable 4050 mAh LiPo. From our not-so-scientific testing we get about an hour and 50 minutes of use on the medium settings. For most people this would be considered more than enough for all day use.

Battery safety is an important topic. Although some of us prefer standard 18650's, we have to acknowledge that using the wrong type can damage your vaporizer or even worse, harm the user. LiPo batteries are in general a safer option.

Healthy Rips also decided to not allow pass-through charging. Having a vaporizer that you can charge while in use is a nice feature, however it degrades the battery life.

You can charge the battery internally or with the external charger. Both options charge via USB C. Charging time from a dead battery is just over 2 hours which is extremely fast for a battery this size. 

fierce portable vaporizer isolated airpath


Something we always rant about is air-path isolation. Too many vaporizers allow airflow through their electronic components. This is a bad thing for a few reasons: it affects flavor, you risk drawing in fumes if your vaporizer malfunctions, and herb particles and residue will eventually fall onto the electronics.

Both the Fury 2 and FIERCE vaporizers have fully isolated air-paths. They have one of the best examples of an isolated air-path actually. The air flows in from the bottom of the vaporizer through the chamber, completely separated from the electronic components and battery.

Above the chamber the FIERCE has a glass core mouthpiece which gives you 2.5 inches of air-path. Hot vapor feels harsh so the extended air-path gives your vapor a chance to cool down before you draw.

Healthy Rips digital display


The Digital display has everything you need:
  • Battery Life
  • Current Temperature
  • Set Temperature
  • Cycle time
  • Set Cycle Time
Fierce side buttons


On the side you have power and plus/minus buttons. To turn on the FIERCE press the power button 3 times. You can adjust the temperature between 320-430F with the plus/minus buttons. You can adjust the cycle time by holding down the power button for 3 seconds, then adjusting the temperature with the plus/minus buttons.

Tip: tap the power button once to quickly display battery life 

Fierce maintenance


Overall it's an easy vape to keep clean. Isopropyl alcohol and some q tips are all you need. Swab the screen, air-path and chamber then you are done.

Burn Offs

Like all new vaporizers, you need to do a few burn offs. Before using your FIERCE turn it on the highest setting and run it through a few cycles. Early versions of the FIERCE needed a good amount of burns before using. This current version needed just a few to get rid of the "new vape" smell.
Fierce Vaporizer Size


"Powerful Vapes" tend to be big. The FIERCE weighing in at 10 ounces is on the larger side of vaporizers. However, the size and shape of the FIERCE is similar to a wallet. This makes it fit surprisingly well in your pocket. I have stuck this vaporizer in my pocket a few times and forgot it was there. You can't say the same about some of the other powerhouse vaporizers. 
Healthy Rips fierce package contents

What's in the box

There will be several package options in the future. The Basic Kit comes with:
  • The Vaporizer (obviously)
  • Glass Air-Path Mouthpiece
  • Accessory Attachment with Glass Mouthpiece
  • Silicone Top Cover
  • Stainless Steel Pad
  • Replacement Battery Door Screw
  • Backup Screen and O Ring
  • USB-C Charging Cord
  • Wall Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Loading Tool
  • Manual
fierce portable vaporizer final thoughts

Final thoughts

This is a powerful vaporizer with some impressive features. The Digital display is crisp and provides all the info you need. The generous battery life and intense vapor production have made this one of my favorite vapes. Nothing feels cheap; the sturdy Kirksite Alloy Unibody gives this vaporizer a sleek look that feels good in the hand.

We do have to admit some bias - this is a vaporizer we have watched progress behind the scenes for over a year and we are very, very excited to see what other people think. If you own or have tried the FIERCE vaporizer please share your opinion in the comment section and let us know how you like it. If you're interested in grabbing a Fierce for yourself we've got them HERE.

Is this the next big thing? Let us know on Reddit! Check out our livestreams with the Fierce on Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube for our newest product reviews!

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