Fake Iolite Vaporizers

Fake Iolite Vaporizers

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WOW! Did you see that amazing deal on Iolite Vaporizers? Isn't it great that you can save $50 if you buy Iolite vaporizers from an auction website or from some new website? Doesn't it almost sound too good to be true? Yeah, bad news, they're fake.

We have seen two types of Iolite rip offs so far:

- Exact Replicas....The "Exact Replicas" are made to look just like the originals, you can first tell it is a fake by the colors on the box, and the image on the box is usually off center.

- Electric....The "Electric" version doesn't use butane, it plugs in and sometimes has Iolite branded on the vaporizer but not always.

The company is called Skyda, a manufacturer from China. Before writing this we wanted to gather some information about the company, so we contacted them online and pretended to order 100 vaporizers. Their price, with the cost of shipping... $38 each! WOW, talk about temptation! If we bought a bunch of these fakes and sold them online at $160, they would sell insanely fast and the profit would be huge!

Only problem is, they are terrible. Iolite uses a special heat tempered plastic called Zenite. The Fakes use a generic plastic that will eventually overheat and melt. The metals are also unverifiable, not the best idea to to be inhaling anything from a product with unknown materials. In general, Fakes are garbage and break quickly.

The only way to be sure you are buying an authentic Iolite Vaporizer is to make your purchase from a Authorized Iolite Seller.

authorized iolite dealer
Look For the logo! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can claim they are an authorized seller. REAL authorized sellers are given a Dealer Code that can be verified by Iolite. Oglesby & Butler, the manufacture of Iolite, personally interviews and inspects all their authorized sellers. Buying from a Authorized seller guarantees you are buying an authentic Iolite vaporizer. Just as importantly, buying from an Authorized Seller guarantees you are fully covered by the 2 year warranty.
So be careful, buy from a seller you trust. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
*** We are still looking for pictures of the fake Iolites. If you have one of the fakes, please email images to help@puffitup.com . With your help, we can help everyone in the future avoid being ripped off
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