Fake Arizer Solo Vaporizers Are a Thing Now

Fake Arizer Solo Vaporizers Are a Thing Now

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There's no nice way of saying it, if a vaporizer is popular then there is probably a knock off out there. A few weeks ago we received an email from a manufacture in China Claiming to have Solos and Ascent Vaporizers:
Hi dear friends how do you do?i have solo davinci ascent vaporizer and more new items stock,if u are interesed for us,u can contact me anytime,thanks! skype: ******* best regards *****
Usually we ignore emails like this however this was the first time someone had confronted us with fake solos and ascents so we replied:

Hi ******
We are interested in the da vinci ascent and solos. do they look and work like the original?
And their reply:

Hi Dear friends
thanks for your reply,ours is 1:1 high qulity clone,
hot selling of USA,it is *** usd/set,our moq is 5 set,if you need i
can you a best price,i have stock now,but only have black.
i have more new items,i sent our price list to you,if you are interesed
for us contact me andytime,i'm waiting for your early reply,thanks!
Ugh, lets hope his "1:1" clones are better than his grammar. That was the last time we talked to *****, we don't want knock offs in our store so there was nothing else to talk about.
A few days ago, the price for solos on eBay has become suspiciously low:
fake arizer solo

These photos were taken from another seller, along with the product description. We have been selling solos since they were first available and there is absolutely no way that you can buy a new, authentic Solo Vaporizer for $60.

We went ahead and bought one of these and we can't wait for it to arrive. Purposely buying a fake vaporizer is one thing, but unfortunately there are lots of customers that have no idea. It's easy to spot a Fake Solo being sold for absurdly low prices, but many times it is more difficult. Here is what you can do to avoid being ripped off by one of these grey market sellers.

- Find a seller with a good reputation:
We did not post this sellers info, however his feedback was very low and his eBay account was very new. Look for sellers with a lot of online feedback, not just on eBay but check multiple forums and sources. Also, buy from vaporizer sellers and not random item vendors. Those of us who have worked in the vaporizer industry long enough know exactly what a knock off looks like, if a seller carries a bunch of random items just to make a quick buck, chances are they do not know enough about the product to tell if it is authentic or not.

-Ask the seller a question:
It doesn't really matter what you ask. Email and ask "what is the battery life" or "what type of power adapter does it come with" Just a simple question will give you an impression of the seller and if they can be trusted.

- Fill out your warranty info:
Email the manufacture with your vaporizers serial number and where you bought it from. That way the manufacture can verify that you have an authentic unit and they can track any sellers who have knock offs.

- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is:
This is true for any vaporizer. Check out the manufactures page then see what the retailer is selling them for. Does the discounted price make sense or does it seem surprisingly low?

We hope to have our knock off Solo within a week or two, be sure to check out our blog for pictures and a full comparison. Until then, enjoy a vape and have a blurry day!
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