DynaVap VapCap M: Real vs. Fake

DynaVap VapCap M: Real vs. Fake

Well.... it was bound to happen eventually. A few years ago DynaVap was a small company in Wisconsin that you never knew existed. With the release of their iconic VapCap M, DynaVap quickly became world famous. Their vaporizers are small, affordable, and super functional.

Stock photos from DynaVap's website started showing up on international trade websites with offers to make VapCap's in bulk. We started talking to a few of these advertisers early on and got the feeling they were phishing for peoples personal information and actually did not have any product to sell.

A friend of ours on FC managed to get their hands on a sample order of 10 units and was nice enough to share one with us. We received this unit on Monday, 10-22-18 and wow were we excited to check this out. Our very own Fake VapCap M. 

DynaVap VapCap M real vs fake

Yup, That's a Fake VapCap

real versus fake vapcap mThis fake VapCap arrived in a clear tube. It has a shiny, brushed metal surface. The overall size and shape of this vaporizer(?) is consistent with the authentic M's.
DynaVap obsesses about the quality of their vaporizers. To counterfeit a VapCap you will need an extreme attention to detail or the fakes will be easily identified. Could these impostor vaporizers be precision designed enough to fool someone into thinking they were real? Maybe, however these fake VapCap arrived with the body on backwards.

vapcap m real versus fake Real vs Fake

The Fake VapCap has a body that closer resembles a 2017 M. We posted some pics next to the 2017 version below. The Steel Tip however resembles the 2018 version. The logo is missing from the cap. the Fake VapCap parts have less shine than the authentic but has a very similar feel to it.


vapcap real vs fake rust wtf is that?

One of the many problems with knock-off vaporizers is the lack of information about the product and the materials used. Inside the body of the Fake Vapcap we found these brown spots. What we are doing in this comparison is observational. Since we do not have a full understanding of the metal used in the fake we can only speculate what these spots might be. To us, it looks like rust. The edges on the authentic M are rounded, the fakes are flatter corners.

vapcap m real vs fake o rings
The O rings look and feel much lower quality. Again, because there is no material information from counterfeit manufacturers we can't say for sure what material these rings are made out of.
They are ill fitting at best. The rings appear to be slightly too big for the VapCap and too rubbery to stay in place. It took us a long time to put the Fake VapCap back together. The lower ring has yet to stay in the right place when reassembled.
 dynavap real vs fake screens
The screen somewhat resembles the CCD Stainless VapCap screens, however they are very brittle in comparison to the real thing. When we popped out the fake VapCap screen, several of the fins were bent in the process. The quality of the metals used between the two screens is very noticeable.

vapcap real vs fake cap The Cap Doesn't work

So one minor problem with the fake VapCaps: the caps don't work. The caps appear to be manufactured with a CNC machine, making them slightly thicker than the original. The logo is also missing.

And, you know, it doesn't work. The caps have no "click" which is an important part of the overall function. Without the click, you have a combustion device.

vapcap real vs fake air hole Final Thoughts

We have a small collection of counterfeit vaporizers in our office. We collect them for the novelty. These are vaporizers we would never use. We can't comment on the function of the fake VapCaps because using a "vaporizer" with questionable materials and possibly rust just isn't our thing.

Unfortunately now that counterfeit DynaVap's exist, there is the chance of someone buying these and assuming its authenticity. When they try to use their "VapCap" and it doesn't work, the assumption will be that DynaVap makes faulty products. This might also be the first time this person has tried a vaporizer; the bad user experience might keep them from seeking non-smoking options again in the future.

Thanks again to our friends at DynaVap who have spent years perfecting their vaporizers. You guys are awesome.

Edit: HERE are more pics of the Cap

vapcap real vs fake airholeVapcap real vs fake side by side vapcap real vs fake chamber  2017 vapcap m real vs fake

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