Dr. Dabber AURORA Pen - The Latest and Greatest?

Dr. Dabber AURORA Pen - The Latest and Greatest?

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Dr. Dabber AURORA Pen – The Latest and Greatest?

Dr. Dabber has become known as one of the most trusted and popular names in the concentrate vape market. The Dr. Dabber Ghost, Dr. Dabber Light and more recently the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig have all proven to be high-quality choices. When we heard about a new Dr. Dabber pen design with improved atomizers and magnetic connections we couldn’t wait to try it.

Then we finally got to experience the new AURORA pen by Dr. Dabber… it was love at first sight.

The first difference we noticed between the AURORA and Dr. Dabbers previous offerings is the look. Dr. Dabber has moved away from the rubberized black finish of the Ghost and Light, adopting a sleek matte black finish that feels as good as it looks.

dr dabber aurora aura


Upon closer examination of the AURORA, we notice the magnetic connections. Traditional metal threading could wear down over time; magnetic connections should eliminate that possibility. Even the AURORA’s USB charger features a magnetic connection. In addition, the magnets make accessing the heating chamber incredibly simple, allowing for easier loading and maintenance.


dr dabber aurora battery vape

Speaking of the heating chamber, the AURORA offers 3 different atomizer styles to provide an ideal match with a wide range of full-melt liquids. All three atomizers feature a quartz walled chamber to maintain pure flavor and top-tier performance. The best atomizer to choose will depend on the type of concentrate and personal preference.

dr dabber aurora coils atomizers deramic quartz dual coil


Dual Ceramic Atomizer

The first atomizer we tried is the Dual Ceramic Rods wrapped with Titanium Coil. Ceramic is known for being porous, allowing liquids to be partially absorbed into the rods for vaporization. We found the Dual Ceramic atomizer to be ideal for thick, dense material that will melt down into the ceramic. Cloud production with this atomizer is truly impressive.

Dual Quartz Atomizer 

The next atomizer in line was the Dual Quartz Rods with Titanium Coils. Quartz is all about flavor and efficiency. Unlike ceramic, quartz does not absorb material during the vaporization process. Concentrates are held against the titanium coils and immediately vaporized, resulting in amazing vapor quality. We recommend the Dual Quartz atomizer for thinner, runnier materials.

Ceramic Halo Atomizer

The third atomizer is quite different from the other two, featuring a Ceramic Halo in a quartz chamber. The Ceramic Halo atomizer has no exposed coil; material melts down into the Halo and is slowly vaporized at a controlled rate. We prefer this atomizer with thicker liquids, but it works fantastically with most any full-melt concentrate. Flavor and efficiency with this atomizer are incredible. If we had to choose a favorite of the three options then the Ceramic Halo would be it; luckily, we don’t need to choose 😉

Temperature Control

In addition to the increased options offered by the three different atomizer styles, the new AURORA provides even greater control over the vaporization experience with three different power settings. The low setting is represented with a Green light, the medium setting with Blue and the high setting with Pink. Temperature is easily adjustable by pressing the heat button three times.

In conclusion, we have been truly impressed with the unique design, options and overall performance of the Dr. Dabber AURORA. We have yet to meet a Dr. Dabber product that we didn’t like; the AURORA lives up to that high standard with a ton of new features and enhanced control based on personal preference. We highly recommend the AURORA for anyone interested in a cutting-edge concentrate vaporizer that is slim, sleek and sexy while still offering top-tier performance and reliability.

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