Ditanium Vaporizer and e-Nail: First Impressions (Lazy Review)

Ditanium Vaporizer and e-Nail: First Impressions (Lazy Review)

"I've used the Ditanium every night for about a month; I'd use it during the day more often but it's too powerful."

When vapes are advertised as compatible with both dry material and liquid material they usually excel at one over the other since different materials vaporize at different temperatures.

The Ditanium Vaporizer solves that problem with a grade 2 titanium and quartz e-nail that doubles as the convection heating element for a separated dry chamber.


wand on ditanium

Dry Convection Vaping

ditanium wand

When using dry material the Ditanium's glass loading chamber is held away from the heating element for pure convection similar to the Da Buddha Vaporizer.

The muscle behind the Ditanium is a grade 2 titanium nail surrounding a ceramic heating rod with quartz cover.

The ceramic element reaches temperature in about 30 seconds but waiting a few minutes for the titanium and quartz to heat will get denser vapor.

Proper convection vaping requires a lot of electricity and unlike portable vapes the Ditanium's heater isn't limited by batteries so the convective heating element has tons of power to provide thick, tasty vapor without any downtime.

The Ditanium's glass hand-piece can be loaded with enough dry material for a group of friends or an extremely fun night alone.

Start at 11 or noon on the dial and work your way up until you find your ideal spot.

I don't go past 1 or 2 for high temperature draws but there is likely some temperature variance between units so I recommend starting low.

For the most even cooking try stirring every few draws. 

ditanium wax loading area

e-Nail Liquid Vaping

ditanium and carp cap

The Ditanium is one of the simplest and most satisfying e-Nail setups I've used.

It's ready to use within a few minutes and works great even with big blobs of fully melting material.

All you need to do is apply your material to the quartz moat surrounding the quartz and ceramic heating element as you breathe in and it quickly sizzles into a potent, flavorful vapor cloud.

The grade 2 titanium nail retains heat inside the quartz to hold the proper temperature no matter how many back to back draws you take.

I like to keep my Ditanium around noon to 1 on the dial for liquid material. With the dial fully turned the Ditanium reaches upwards of 900°F which evaporates concentrates instantly but for me it's a bit too hot even with water filtration.

The optional carb cap focuses the heat around your liquid material for the vapor intensity of higher temperatures without the harshness and you can control the amount of fresh air vs. vapor with the finger carb on the top. 

ditanium carp cap top view

Dry and Liquid, Together at Last

This is where the Ditanium sets itself apart from every other vaporizer available.

Turn the heater around noon or 1 and load your glass chamber with dry material.

Once it's heated attach your glass handpiece and then apply liquid material to the inner quartz moat as you draw; prepare for takeoff.

Most combo vapes heat dry and liquid material at a single temperature which can't fully vaporize both since liquid requires higher temperatures.

The Ditanium provides two greatly different temperatures to maintain the ideal vaporization range for both at the same time. 

This is the first dry and liquid combo vape that I've fallen in love with both modes. 

ditanium wpa

Water Filtration

The Ditanium is one of the most lung busting vapes I've tried and one of the only vapes able to fill a room with clouds.

Water filtration makes a huge difference in smoothness with this much vapor production and adding ice is even better.

A 14mm mouthpiece made of grade 2 titanium is included for water pipe compatibility and if your favorite piece is 18mm we also carry a 14mm to 18mm glass adapter

ditanium bamboo wand upside down

(We don't recommend trying this)

Tip and Flip Safe

The Ditanium may be the safest e-Nail available.

Most nails are burning hot and wide open to easily make contact with an unintended surface, especially if the unit is tipped or flipped over.

The Ditanium's heater was purposely recessed so if it tips or flips the element won't be touching anything.

I also don't feel the need to be careful not to accidentally touch hot metal like I have with every other torch or electric nail setup. 

ditanium bamboo groupies

A Must Have?

I'm going to be using mine nightly into the foreseeable future and if you're into both dry material and liquid like me I'd get this monster asap.

If you primarily or exclusively vape concentrates the Ditanium is one of the best plug-in options and more thoughtfully designed than most other e-Nails we've tried.

It's perfect for solo or group use and runs through water like a dream. It's even easy to clean: if you run the heater on max temp for an hour or two most of the buildup and residue from multiple sessions will completely burn off without any scrubbing.

If you'd like a Ditanium of your own we've got a small amount in black and bamboo right here.

People say checking our Reddit and Instagram pages has drastically improved their lives. We're not saying it's true (legally we can't) but there's only one way to find out for yourself!


Watch our Ditanium Review HERE

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@Daniel Heyo! We carry the 14mm to 18mm adapter here: https://puffitup.com/products/14mm-to-18mm-adapter We’re currently out of stock as of the time of this writing but we’re hoping to have more in stock soon! =)

Alex (PIU)

Not a comment. I’m very interested in this device. I have a Freezepipe XL bong which has an 18mm female connection. The whip on this device is 14mm. This page says you have a 14mm to 18mm adapter but the link takes me to nowhere. Is there an adapter or separate whip purchase available?

Daniel Colby

I agree with the review 100%! I love mine. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it! 🔥🔥🤘🏻


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