Boundless Terp Pen Ultimate Review - Full Guide

Boundless Terp Pen Review - User Guide

Boundless Terp Pen V2 Ultimate Review

The Boundless Terp Pen is a portable pen-style concentrate vaporizer designed by Boundless Technology, a California-based vape company with a focus on quality and simplicity. The Terp Pen embraces this design philosophy to the fullest, combining high quality vapor with effortless, button-free activation.

In this Boundless Terp Pen review I’ll be going over the pros and cons of the vaporizer, as well discussing cleaning tips, techniques for the best clouds, and how the Terp Pen v2 fares versus its competition. Spoiler alert: it rocks our socks off.


What is the Boundless Terp Pen?
How to use your new Terp Pen
Getting the perfect vapor
Cleaning the Terp Pen
Pros and cons of the Terp Pen
What makes the best concentrate pen?
What’s in the box
Final thoughts

What is the Boundless Terp Pen?

Sleek, slim, and stylish, the Boundless Terp Pen is a concentrate vape pen designed with the user experience in mind. It’s easy to draw on the go and it pumps out thick, fluffy vapor with ease. The button-free design makes it super simple to use, too.

Don’t judge a book by its cover - despite its small size, the Boundless Terp Pen is one of the most powerful concentrate vapes around. It’s the perfect pocketable piece for a night out on the town.

You’re likely already familiar with Boundless Technology, a long-standing vaporizer company with a penchant for affordable quality vapes. The Terp Pen keeps this tradition going with an affordable price point and flavorful clouds of vapor. At an MSRP of only $29.99, you really can’t go wrong.


How to use the Bounless Terp Pen v2

Using your Boundless Terp Pen is simple. There’s no buttons, no settings, no hassle - just apply some concentrate to the coil and draw. There’s a few different ways to apply your extracts to the coil.

If your material is in a glass jar, you can gently dip the coil directly into the concentrate. I recommend gently brushing the coil against the material while drawing to prevent the coil from picking up too much material.

If you have a scraper tool like the PuffItUp Titanium Tool, you can use it to apply your material. Scoop up just enough concentrate to take one draw - you can always take another draw if needed. Then, slowly rub the concentrate against the coil while slowly drawing from the device.

You can also preload the Terp Pen if you’re on the go! Apply the concentrate to the coil using a tool, then pop the cap back onto the Terp Pen. If you’re having trouble getting it to stick, try taking a short 1-2 second puff off the device to slightly melt the material. Now you can take your favorite concentrate pen wherever you’d like, loaded for whenever you need it.

Terp Pen v2 perfect rip

Getting the perfect vapor

Drawing technique can make all the difference with the Terp Pen. A slow and steady “sipping” style draw works best with this device. Sip on it like a hot coffee on a chilly winter afternoon, or like a thick milkshake during a summer stroll. This style of draw will produce the thickest, most satisfying vapor.

Be sure to only load enough material for one draw at a time. If you load too much material onto the coil, it can clog the coil and prevent it from drawing properly.

If a clog occurs, take a few slow draws through the unit while pointing the coil downwards - as you continue to vape it and the device warms up, the clog will melt out of the airpath and down into the coil.

The Boundless Terp Pen is tapered for native compatibility with 14mm female water pipes. Load your pen up with material and insert the mouthpiece end into your water pipe’s joint. Draw slowly to fill the tube with vapor, then pull the pen out to clear the chamber.

Cleaning the Boundless Terp Pen

Cleaning the Terp Pen

You’re going to want to use the usual cleaning supplies for scrubbing up your Terp Pen. Isopropyl alcohol is a vape’s best friend! We prefer 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol when cleaning, as the higher percentage alcohol is more efficient and dries quicker. You’re also going to want some Q-tips and/or paper towels when cleaning.

The first step is to disassemble your Terp Pen. Remove the magnetic cap, unscrew the coil, and then unscrew the center cylinder from the body of the device. The mouthpiece unscrews from the top of the Terp Pen as well.

Place a few drops of alcohol onto a paper towel to wipe down the body of the device. You can place a drop or two of alcohol on a q-tip or cotton swab and use it to clean the threads of the device as well. Be sure to avoid the charging port during cleaning.

If you roll up a paper towel and place a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on it, you can use it to clean out the inside of the center cylinder. I like to twist the towel through the cylinder, and then I’ll spin the cylinder a few times to make sure every nook and cranny gets cleaned.

The mouthpiece and the magnetic cap are quick and easy to clean up. You can clean the outside of the mouthpiece at any time with a paper towel and a drop of isopropyl alcohol. The inside of the mouthpiece can be cleaned with a q-tip, as well as the inside of the magnetic cap.

To clean the coil, we recommend placing a drop of alcohol on a paper towel, then wipe down the body and threads of the coil. Do not make contact with the coil. If you do touch the coil, perform a burn off cycle on the device by drawing on the Terp Pen without the center cylinder attached. You can also use this method to burn off the coils themselves when they’re dirty.

Please allow your Terp Pen components to fully air dry before reassembling the device.

Terp Pen Troubleshooting


On a rare occasion you may experience an error code from your Terp Pen in the form of flashing lights when you try to draw from it. There’s a few steps you can take to remedy the situation.

If the light is blinking when you draw, your Terp Pen likely needs to be charged. Plug it into a Micro USB cable for 45-60 minutes in order to fully charge the device - the light will stay blue while charging, and then will flash and shut off when your pen is done charging.

If the device is charged and the light is still blinking, it’s possibly a bad connection with the coil. Remove your coil and thoroughly clean your Terp Pen, taking extra care to clean the threads and contact points of the coil.

Let everything air dry then reassemble and test the device. If it’s still blinking, replace your coil and test the unit again. If that fixes everything up, the first coil is likely faulty and can be properly disposed of.

Pros and cons of the Terp Pen


Entry-level price point - The Terp Pen has a wallet-friendly price starting point of only $29.99, a

Beginner friendly - Boundless made this vaporizer as easy to use as possible. There’s no buttons or settings to worry about with the Terp Pen - just load it up and you’re ready to go.

Thick, tasty clouds of vapor - A great vaporizer needs good vapor quality, and the Terp Pen delivers in spades - or in clouds! The flavor is top notch, although coils can begin to taste a little burnt after a month or two of regular use. Burn off cycles are essential for preserving the fresh coil flavor.

Pocket-friendly - With a super slim design and weighing in at only 49 grams, the Boundless Terp Pen is pocket friendly and the perfect liquid vaporizer for travellers. It’s even small enough to fit a jar of your favorite concentrates in your pocket with it.

Rapid charge time - Charging the Terp Pen from completely dead to fully charged takes 45-60 minutes, so even if you forget to charge it, you won’t have to wait too long for a draw.

Sneaky and discrete - The stealthy design of the Terp Pen makes using it in public a breeze. Pre-load the coil, pop the cap on, and you’ve got a session waiting in your pocket. This vape is perfect for seshing in big cities, at concerts, at parties, even outside your mother-in-law’s house!


Shorter battery life - The battery in the Terp Pen is good for about 30-40 draws before you’ll need to charge it. It’s enough battery to last you for a few days, but I do find myself charging the Terp Pen 2-4 times a week during heavy use.

No temperature control - There’s only one temperature setting on the original Terp Pen. If you’re looking for a device with multiple settings, you may want to check out its big brother device, the Boundless Terp Pen XL.

Avoiding clogs - A common issue we see is that the Terp Pen may potentially clog if you overload the coil or pull too hard on the device. A “sipping” style of draw performs best with this device. Check out our “Getting the perfect vapor” section above for some tips and tricks.

Terp Pen v2

What makes the best concentrate vape pen?

Vapor quality: Many concentrate pens taste funky or burnt, but the Terp Pen’s ceramic coil produces above average flavor. An e-rig or a quartz banger will provide better flavor, but for a portable solution, it's definitely one of the better tasting liquid pens around.

Clean vapor path: In order to achieve top notch flavor, a vaporizer needs a clean vapor path free of any plastics or rubber. The Terp Pen V2’s vapor path, while not entirely isolated, is one of the cleanest vapor paths we’ve seen on a concentrate vape pen.

Build quality: Building a vaporizer with high quality components is essential for a good user experience. Poor quality parts can feel cheap, flimsy, and disposable. The Terp Pen feels built to last, and is manufactured from quality metals and materials. It has a great weight in your hand without being too heavy.

Ease of use: The button-free design of the Terp Pen makes it one of the easiest concentrate pens to draw from. All you have to do is apply your product to the coil while drawing from the mouthpiece on the device - no settings, no buttons, no hassle!

Heat up time: The Terp Pen has a near-instant heat up time, so you never have to wait for the device to warm up. Draw from the mouthpiece and the Terp Pen will immediately start vaporizing your extracts.

Battery life: A long lasting battery is important, especially if you want to be able to use your vape whenever and wherever you need to. Nothing is worse than a dead battery in the middle of your session. The Terp Pen packs a reasonable battery that lasts around 30-40 draws, which is more than enough for a couple days of vaping. Just be sure to charge it every couple days to keep it juiced up.

Portability: Engineered to be slim and lightweight, the Terp Pen was created with portability in mind. It fits easily in your pocket alongside a jar of your favorite concentrates. There’s no need for bulky box mods or atomizers when you have the Terp Pen around.

Coil reliability: Boundless uses a proprietary coil design for the Terp Pen, with the heating element embedded in the ceramic wicks of the coil. This allows the coil to provide flavorful low-temp draws of vapor while staying efficient and vaporizing all of the material on the coil. You can expect coils to last somewhere between six to eight weeks with proper care and maintenance.

terp pen box contents

What’s in the box?

  • Boundless Terp Pen
  • 1x Ceramic Coil (preinstalled)
  • Multi-Tool
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Final thoughts

The concentrate vape pen market has been exploding over the last few years, with more and more regions getting access to high quality extracts. Concentrates are becoming more popular due to the quick session times and the more discreet smell. The Terp Pen is perfect for someone who’s always on the go or someone who needs to sneak in a quick session in a pinch.

There’s a lot of concentrate vaporizer pens on the market right now, and finding the one that suits you perfectly can be tough. I find the Terp Pen to suit most needs, as it's powerful, heats up near instantly, and the vapor tastes awesome. If you’re unsure which vape pen would be right for you, this is a great device to start with.

Boundless Technology has a long history in the vaporizer industry, and their focus on quality, easy-to-use vaporizers has proven their talent time and time again. The Terp Pen nails that focus towards simplicity while still providing flavorful clouds that rival a rig and banger setup. Its reliability and extreme portability has led to it being an everyday carry - I toss my Terp Pen in my pocket whenever I leave the house.

Terp Pen banner

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What are your thoughts on the Boundless Terp Pen? Drop a comment below, we always love to hear what you think! We really appreciate all of your feedback.


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Totally disappointed with this product. I have yet to actually get a worthwhile hit from it despite better than a half dozen attempts, multiple thorough reading of the “instructions”, and even two cleanings on the off chance that someone too much smoking material got on the coil. Sorry, IMO not even worth the cost of the electricity used to attempt to get the pen to work. Total crap.


I purchased one of your terp pens the silver . At a dispensary and I love it .

Varry Doyle

This was the only thing that helped me fix my pen, yayy thank you!! (:

Chelsea S

I picked up this pen about a year ago, and I’m a light weight when it comes to using my home made rosin. I tend to puff very casually so the battery life goes a long way and quite efficiencient for usage. Quality vapor I do agree on, so far I’ve changed the coil once a few months ago to see if there was an improvement or if I wasn’t cleaning the coil right (minor user end issues) but I’m quite happy with the this product over all and would recommend it as a starter devices for those who are new to concentrates.

John Smith

For the price point the Terp Pens are a nobrainer,super simple,discreet and nice clouds

Jon Sharp

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