Boundless Terp Pen User Guide

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Terp Pen Guide

In this blog we will go over how to clean and how to use the Boundless Terp Pen


You’ve received your new Boundless Terp Pen in the mail! Bask in its glory, charge it up, and you’re ready to puff it up! Here are a few methods we suggest to help you do just that and a cleaning tutorial too!


Method one - Load it - (For Viscous Oily Materials)

With viscous oily materials you can apply the material directly to the coil. We recommend a size that is half the size of a grain of rice for the best results. A PuffItUp! Titanium Tool is perfect for spreading the material onto the coil. You can then begin enjoying with or without your cap on. Some of us prefer the cap because of the more restricted/regulated airflow but it’s up to you. You can also put the cap on to take your material on the go, pre-loaded! 

Terp Pen Loading Tool

Method 2 - dip it - (For crumbly or waxy material)

Sometimes it’s easier to dip the pen directly into the jar for dry, crumbly materials. We prefer to break off a small piece in the jar and then dip the pen onto that small piece. Just a light tap should be enough to start melting it into the coil! If you push too hard, however, you may flood the coil. Only lightly touch the pen to the material and let that pen do the work for you! This method is our go-to for traveling with it. Just toss your Boundless Terp Pen and a jar in your pocket and you’re ready to rock and roll! 

Terp Pen CBD

Method 3 - (For almost all types of materials)

This method works with almost all types of materials. Use a loading tool like the PuffItUp! Titanium Tool and pick up a small piece of the material. Lightly touch the pen to the tool to vaporize your extracts! This is similar to the jar method listed above, but works well if you don’t have a spare jar or prefer to try out different flavors in a session.

Silver Terp Pen

 Using a Water Pipe With the Terp Pen v2

The Terp Pen is compatible with 14mm water pipes natively but you can also use a 14mm-18mm adapter to connect to an 18mm water pipe. Load a small amount of your material onto the pen, insert it into the 18mm joint on your pipe and give it a big rip! Easy! 

Terp Pen 18mm Adapter

How to take your Boundless Terp Pen apart

You can easily take your Boundless Terp Pen apart for cleaning. Simply remove the magnetic cap and unscrew the center cylinder. Unscrew your coil and mouthpiece and you’re finished! You can reassemble it by following those steps in reverse.

Terp Pen Disassembly

 How to clean the Boundless Terp Pen

We recommend having Q-tips, IsoPropyl Alcohol (91% or higher preferred) and paper towels handy for cleaning. A few drops of the alcohol on a paper towel work well to wipe down the body of the device. Just make sure to avoid getting the plug wet. You can use a q-tip with a drop or two of the alcohol to scrub the threads. You can also roll up a paper towel, put a few drops of alcohol on it and twist it to pull it through the sheath/airpath. Spin the sheath/airpath a few times and it should be sparkly clean! Put a drop on a q-tip to use on the sheath/airpath to get any missed spots, if needed. Air-dry your Boundless Terp Pen or rinse a couple of the parts if you’d prefer but do NOT rinse the body or coil. Pat your sheath dry with a paper towel and dry out the inside as well. 

Tep Pen Teardown

Cleaning Bndls Terppen coils

A drop of Isopropyl Alcohol on a paper towel works to clean the coil body and threading. Do not make any contact with the coil, if you can avoid it. If you happen to touch the coil, run a quick burn off afterward by heating the device for a few seconds without inhaling.

Cleaning Terp Pen Coil

 Cleaning the mouthpiece and Cap

The Mouthpiece can be removed and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol at any time without disassembling the device. You can use a paper towel for the outside and a q-tip for the inside. The magnet cap is easy to clean with just a q-tip and a drop or two of alcohol. You can rinse this piece as well! Once you've finished, you can reassemble your Boundless Terp-Pen and you're good to go! 

Remove Terp Pen Mouthpiece

Keep in touch!

If you're having any trouble at all with using or cleaning your new Bndls Terp Pen, let us know! You can always shoot us an email at If you have any tips of your own that you'd like to share, or want to let us know your thoughts on your pen, leave us a comment below! Don't forget, we livestream on Instagram! It's a fantastic place to ask questions and get answers immediately!


  • @Shertin Ungren – You can totally clean the Terp Pen with Everclear! I personally recommend cleaning with isopropyl alcohol when available however! =)

    Alex (PIU) on

  • Mine quit working probably my fault got the battery to hot. I am definitely going to order another one.

    MY TErp Pen Quit Working on

  • I got my first terp pen from my local co-op and it was great for a couple days then went to shit so I did a lot of research and went with this one on a limb with the price being low since I had a bad experience with the last one and I tell you WHAT this pen right here is a mfing champ. I am a painter full time and I carry it in my pocket for quick dab on the work flow. I’ve had it a couple months and no problems to mention besides keeping it clean by god keep it clean for your own sanity. But I just ordered my fiancé one because it has worked so well and discreet for me I know that’s what a lot of people are looking for and no videos or reviews mentioned it so if you’re looking for something fast discreet and great taste easy to use pretty much everything you want out of one of these. Coils are cheap to replace but I haven’t had to replace mine yet. And PUFF IT UP does super fast great shipping hook it up with some candy stickers etc order your terp pen from these guys if you’re gonna get one.

    Jakob on

  • Can you clean the terp pen with everclear

    SHertin UNgren on

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