Arizer Solo Review   4.6

Arizer Solo Review 4.6

Ease Of Use:
The Solo is one of the easier vaporizers to use, there is no learning curve like with some vaporizers. Fill the Glass Stem, put it inside the vaporizer, set the temperature and you are done
Older versions of the Arizer Solo had some issues with the design. Versions m-105 and below had issues with smell, newer versions have resolved all major issues. Be sure to ask if you are buying the most recent version.
Battery Life:
The battery life is in a class of its own, 5 hour battery life makes the Solo the longest lasting battery vaporizer available.
Vapor clouds:
The Solo is notorious for providing the highest quality vapor. The vapor clouds are equal to most large desktop vaporizers
Because of the large battery the Solo is bigger than most portable vaporizers, it is too big to carry in your pocket but small enough to take with you
Bottom Line:
This is one of the best Portable Vaporizers. The dense vapor clouds and long battery life make the Solo better than most other vaporizers. The glass filling chamber provides you with top quality flavor.
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