Solo 2, The Teardown. We Take Vaporizers Apart So You Don't Have To

Solo 2, The Teardown. We Take Vaporizers Apart So You Don't Have To

Arizer Solo 2, The TearDown

Arizer has been a major player in the vaporizer industry for a long time. The much anticipated Solo 2 is Arizer's predecessor of the very popular Solo. The new design is much slimmer, sturdier build, has a digital display and some awesome vapor production. So let's tear it apart :-D

arizer solo bottom cover main

Getting it Open

The only visible screws are on the base plate so lets start there. This requires a T5 Torx screwdriver. The rest of the vape comes apart with a Phillips. 

arizer solo 2 shell removal

Thanks #04 !

arizer solo 2 top lid removal

Once you get the base plate off the top cover slides out. Interesting design...


solo 2 teardown updated version

solo 2 teardown updated version with airpath plates

solo 2 teardown plate

The Chamber Airpath *** UPDATED ***

This is a nice update to see. The original Solo 2 had a small open area that made it hard for us to say the airpath was fully isolated. 

The new metal plate sits on top of a silicone gasket with 4 holes for the wires. 

It's great to see one of our favorite vaporizers updating the internal design and fully isolating the airpath.

arizer solo display open

Removing the shell

We had to push down on the top chamber to make the shell slide out through the bottom.

arizer solo 2 digital display buttons arizer solo 2 digital display circuitry arizer solo 2 rear display pcb arizer solo 2 chamber

The Chamber

The chamber is housed in with a stainless steel shell which screws into place. The bored out holes are there to increase airflow, same tension rings as the Arizer Air.

arizer solo 2 rear shell arizer solo 2 battery shell arizer solo 2 bettery outside shell arizer solo 2 3400 mah 18650 battery

The Battery

18650 3400 mah 7.2v dual battery made by Panasonic. Sweet, this is an upgrade from the original 2200 mah battery.

arizer solo 2 teardown final All back together

We got lucky, usually with our teardowns the vaporizer is destroyed. This one was easy to put back together. We tear apart vaporizers so you dont have to. Disassembling your vape voids the warranty.

Thanks for checking out our Tear Down. Learn more about the Solo 2 HERE. Let us know what you think in the comments below, also be sure to check out Instagram and SubReddit.


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@Mike The Solo 2 airpath was updated a few years ago, so if your device was purchased relatively recently, it should have the updated airpath! =)

Alex (PIU)

Do you know when the chamber air path was updated or how to check to see if a particular unit has this update?


@Rod The airflow comes through the back of the vaporizer from the holes in the back!

@Jeff The Solo 2’s battery is not user replaceable.

@Francellys and @Bob – I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your Solo 2s! It’s not water resistant so be sure to keep it safe and dry when possible! =)

Alex (PIU)

So where does the airflow come from? Inside the device with the hole in the back? Or up three the gasket by the tube.


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