AERO Vaporizer Teardown - PuffItUp!

AERO Vaporizer Teardown - PuffItUp!

The first vape released in 2019 is the AERO Vaporizer by Focus V, the new American design team of FocusVape. The AERO promises dual loading chambers, convection heating, and a fully isolated airpath. We're going to test these claims in the only way we know how: breaking it beyond repair!

AERO box and vaporizer

The AERO Vaporizer - Final Moments

Here's a look at the AERO alive and well along with slick updated packaging. This is the newest version and it's a shame we couldn't spend more quality time with it, but science comes first. Let's tear this bad boy apart! 

Focus Vape AERO chamber

Dual Loading Chambers

These are the AERO's stainless steel loading chambers with the mouthpiece removed. Heat will only pass through one chamber at a time as indicated by the graphic.

aero mouthpiece maze openFocus Vape AERO teardown mouthpiece and maze

Zirconium Mouthpiece Diassembled

The AERO's mouthpiece is made of two thick pieces of zirconium held together with a silicone retaining ring. Inside the left piece you can see the circular maze that vapor travels before reaching you.

Do not follow along past this point. The mouthpiece and stirring tool are the only pieces that can be removed, anything else will void your warranty.

Focus V AERO portable vaporizer teardown
Aero Open

AERO Base Removed

After taking out the stirring tool we were able to pry the base off using a thin flathead screwdriver. Beneath the base plate you can see the battery, Micro-USB charging connection and metal air intake tube. 

AERO battery removal AERO battery

21700 Li-ion Battery Removed

Once the base is removed the AERO's fixed internal battery can be pulled out and snipped away from the electronics. The model number of this battery is the LR2170SA made by Lishen. From all the information we could find online this is a 21700 Li-ion with 4000 mAh capacity and 12A maximum output. The AERO's user manual and website currently state 4800 mAh capacity which we think may have been a typo or miscommunication somewhere along the time. 

Focus Vape AERO vaporizer parts AERO display and heating AERO display and circiutry

Electronics Removed

The next step was to remove the 4 screws securing the inner retainer plate. With that piece out of the way the goodies slid right out of the shell. The green piece with the screen is the primary circuit board and the smaller green piece is the Micro-USB charging module. The thicker wires on the PCB form the positive and negative battery connections while the thinner wires transfer power and temperature signals to and from the heater. The silver tube is the airpath and heating assembly.

AERO heating element stainless tube AERO heating element removal  AERO chamber

Convection Heater Disassembled

First we cut the entire heating assembly away from the circuit board and removed the thermal tape. Below the heat tape a distance away from the ceramic heating element is a small amount of high heat silicone sealing the wire opening. Next we removed the metal retaining ring from the top of the heater. Under the ring were two ceramic cover pieces with thick metal mesh inside insulating the ceramic heating rod.

After taking the airpath and heater apart we can confirm airflow appears isolated from the electronics. Fresh air from outside the base enters the intake, travels up through the heater and out through your material. The heating rod is separated quite a bit from the chamber which means most if not all heat transfer should be convection. 

AERO ceramic convection heating element

Top Section Removed (By Force)

The chamber cover piece is held by a screw between the chambers. Unfortunately this part would not unscrew so we had to rip it apart with official PIU vape disassembly pliers. The AERO didn't go down without a fight, giving Randy a hefty cut on the hand as he tore it apart. 

Focus V AERO portable vaporizer teardown final

Final Thoughts

It's great seeing Focus entering new territory with their 2019 designs. The rotating dual chambers were a feature we loved on the Haze models and we're glad to see it in another vape. The 21700 battery is a welcome addition and should offer quite a bit more juice than its lower capacity cousin the 18650. Also the straight shot metal tube airpath is one of our favorite styles. It's simple, clean, and keeps the air and vapor you're drawing away from the internals.

For our full initial thoughts on the form and function of the AERO by Focus V check out our First Look Blog Post.

Zakk also did an AERO Milkshot video of high temp vapor through a waterpipe.

The AERO Vaporizer isn't available to buy just yet but we'll have them in stock as soon as possible; keep an eye on our website!

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