AERO Convection Vaporizer First Look - PuffItUp!

AERO Convection Vaporizer First Look - PuffItUp!

The AERO Vaporizer is a dual chamber convection portable by the new American design branch of FocusVape. We've been heavily "testing" the pre-release model - here are our initial thoughts!

Focus V AERO Portable Vaporizer

Vapor Production

Pure convection vaporization isn't usually known for vapor density but the AERO delivers the good stuff. The first couple of draws are nearly pure flavor. Once your material is fully dried the vapor flow kicks in strong, filling your lungs with potent deliciousness. Vapor from the AERO is smooth and tasty even at the higher temperature settings.

The AERO has a temp range of 320-464F and setting for setting it runs a bit cooler than most other vapes. I like starting at 380°F for a bit more vapor from the go. Drawing deeply makes a big difference in how much heat is transferred from the ceramic core up through your material. We like to max out around 420° but we couldn't get it to combust even at 464F for those that like going darker. 

AERO ovens

Dual Chambers

The AERO's main claim to fame are the twin stainless steel loading chambers. You can load one or both then rotate the top section to select which chamber gets the heat. The ceramic heating core is held a distance below the loading chamber for convection extraction with minimal conduction buildup. The only other multiple chamber vapes were the Haze V3 and Square which sadly are no longer being made. Two loaded chambers come in handy for multiple sessions on the go or avoiding the dreaded reload delay when passing it around with friends.
AERO base and maze


In our AERO Teardown we were able to confirm the airpath is fully isolated from electronics. Fresh air enters the base, travels up through the heater and chamber then into the zirconium mouthpiece. Once inside the mouthpiece your vapor travels through a long circular maze for plenty of extra time and surface area to cool down. Airflow is also adjustable using the slider in the base; we prefer it fully open. 

AERO battery


The AERO vaporizer is powered by a non-removable 21700 Li-ion, the higher capacity cousin to the more common 18650. We haven't had enough time to accurately test battery life yet but it seems close to an hour. The AERO charges through standard Micro-USB and you can use it while charging if there are 1 or more battery bars left.

In our teardown we learned the battery is a model LR2170SA made by Lishen. Our online research (Googling) of spec sheets for this battery all show it as a whopping 4000 mAh capacity and 12A max output. The AERO's manual currently states the battery has a 4800 mAh capacity; we think this was either a typo or they changed batteries and forgot to update the specs. 

AERO screen


The AERO's crisp, clear OLED display has all the info you need:
  • Temperature
  • Battery Gauge
  • Session Timer
AERO portability


At 4.75" H x 1.6" D the AERO is a thicc portable; it will fit in most pockets but expect some bulge. The shell is made out of stainless steel and the mouthpiece is thick zirconium, two of the toughest inert materials. This vape feels like a tank that should easily survive years of pocket carrying and group sessions.

AERO cleaning


Brushing ABV particles out of the chambers between uses is the best way to keep the AERO clean. When buildup does occur all you need is 91%+ isopropyl alcohol and q-tips to shine it back up. Hold the unit upside down, scrub out the chambers with your iso dampened q-tips then let it dry upside down. You can unscrew the mouthpiece to wipe out any residue inside, let it dry and you're good to go. This vape is very low maintenance.


Controlling the AERO is intuitive and simple. Three clicks to the power button activates and deactivates the unit while the + and - buttons adjust temperature. When your selected temperature is reached the AERO vibrates to let you know. Pull the mouthpiece upward to remove it and access your loading chambers. Load material into your chamber(s) and rotate the section with the FocusVape logo to select which chamber you want to use. Insert your mouthpiece with the screen over the active chamber and you're ready to use. The stainless steel tool hidden in the base is perfect for mid-session stirs. 

Focus V AERO first look blog

What's in the Box

  • AERO Vaporizer
  • Glass Chamber Insert
  • Ceramic Chamber Insert
  • Loading Funnel
  • Extra O-Rings
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Focus V AERO PuffItUp

Final Thoughts

We're excited to see FocusVape harness a new design team with years of knowledge and experience creating monster portables. Between the full metal shell and dense zircon mouthpiece the AERO is easily one of the sturdiest feeling vaporizers I've ever held. Switchable chambers are an underrated feature for vaping on the go and rotating them between sessions can become addicting. The 21700 battery heats the ceramic element in under a minute with enough juice to chuck out couch locking levels of vapor. To top it off the AERO is nearly 100% convection so flavor is delicious with little to no idle cooking between draws.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know in the comment section below. The AERO hasn't been publicly released just yet but we will have them in stock as soon as they're available. Hit up our AERO Vaporizer Listing for more information!

Don't forget to check Reddit regularly for upcoming contests and Youtube for milkshots and video reviews. Randy and Zakk also live stream on Instagram every Wednesday and Thursday at noon PST!

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