420 Vape Zone's Top 8 Vaporizer Review

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420 vape zone top 20 vaporizers

420 Vape Zone’s Top 8 Vaporizer Review

Researching and choosing a dry herb vape today is a bit of a daunting task. After connecting hundreds of people with vaporizers that fit their needs and lifestyle, I’ve put together this list of my most recommended cannabis vaporizers:


1. Boundless CF

Don’t be fooled by the size of this little guy – it’s a real workhorse. The CF is small enough to fit a shirt pocket, but powerful enough to produce fat lung-busting draws through a water pipe. Its giant chamber holds enough material to bring several friends along on your journey to the moon. The combination of conduction with convection produces great vapor at both high and low temperatures. Easy micro-usb charging means you can charge pretty much anywhere without worrying about special chargers. The CF gets 7-10 sessions per charge. It’s an amazing value at $129.


2. Haze 3

The Haze 3 is a compact portable vape touting TWO independently heated chambers capable of vaping dry herb AND concentrates. The pure conductive heating kicks out big fluffy clouds full of flavor, while evenly toasting your favorite herb. Removable battery and convenient concentrate/herb cans make the Haze 3 perfect for long hikes, camping, weekend trips, hot-boxing the car before getting groceries,etc. This is my favorite vape for night-time couch-lock indicas, and nights out with friends. It’s available in several kickass colors for $249 shipped.


3. Arizer Air

The first several pulls from the Arizer Air produce some of the best tasting vapor available. The conductive properties of this vape bring the herb chamber up to about 2⁄3 of temp, while convection heating finishes the deed and keeps things tasty and fresh. If you’re into taste, this is a great vape for it. The removable battery and stem system make this vape capable of travel; however, I prefer to label this as an at-home portable due to multiple pieces (and glass). Use coupon code AIR to pick this up for $169.


4. FireFly 2

The FF2 is the ultimate on-the-go vape, perfect for sneaking draws in between life’s chaos and/or video game loading screens. Ultra fast heat-up time gets your first pull in about 10 seconds. It’s sleek, sexy, and easy as pie to keep clean. Convection heating makes this vape efficient and delicious. The latest firmware and mobile app with power-tuning adds heat customization, shortening and simplifying the previously difficult learning curve. Available in multiple colors, with an extra battery, for $330.


5. CFV / SWIFT Pro

These two vapes are essentially the exact same unit. Boundless and Flowermate tag-teamed their design, engineering, and manufacturing efforts. These vapes are PURE CONVECTION, which means maximum efficiency, and some of the purest, cleanest vapor you’ll find in any current portable. The interchangeable chamber rings offer a customizable vaping experience with their variations in heat retention. The wooden rings add a lovely undertone of flavor to the vapor. This is one of my favorite daytime vapes due to the clear-headed effects from pure convection. It’s a bit battery hog though, so pick up a micro-usb battery pack if you intend to be outside for more than 3 loads. The cost for PURE portable convection? $220 shipped.


6. Mighty

There is no portable vape as capable and pleasurable as the Mighty. Gentle enough for low temps and fragile lungs, but powerful enough to plow through a load in 4 or 5 giant draws. The vapor from the Mighty (and little sister, the Crafty) has a cool and fluffy feel, similar to bag vapes. Two giant batteries, AC quick charger, full temp control, and quick and easy unload/reload make this vape is the BMW of battery powered vapes. It’s a bit on the large size, but I still take it out and about. That’s what cargo shorts are for. If you want amazing vapor with no learning curve and no footprint, the Mighty is the vape to get. $399 shipped.



7. LSV

The Life Saber is a plug-in handheld convection vape. It brings the high power and reliability of
expensive desktop units and puts it in an easy to handle and pass vape – perfect for groups and an absolute BEAST coupled with the 7th Floor WPA. This is my party vape. It can keep up with a house full of powerful vapes. This is an at-home handheld, not a portable. It can be used with the included stem or a whip, but it shines brightest on a water pipe. Available in several colors of anodized aluminum for $179 shipped.


8. Extreme Q

The Arizer EQ is a desktop/tabletop unit capable of filling bags/balloons for super cool and easy vapor. Just heat up the unit, fill the load, turn on the fan and fill the bags. Ultra efficient and gentle as can be on the throat and lungs. You can also draw without the fans, using the included whip, or even draw it through your favorite water pipe. I love that this device looks inconspicuous. It looks like (and is…) an aromatherapy potpourri warmer – especially if you fill up the included dish with some flowers/smelly girly stuff. It even has a remote so you can turn it on and get it warmed up without leaving your seat. I love this vape because it can do everything the Volcano does and more, at a fraction of the price. Shipped to your doorstep for $175 with coupon code EXTREME.

Troy is a medical marijuana user from California who suffers from VAS – Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome. He studies and tests each product and provides vape reviews at 420vapezone.com. He likes long vape sessions on the beach, stoner comedies, and peeing from high places.


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