Focus V Carta Flame Off 2019 – Las Vegas Recap

Focus V Carta Flame Off 2019 – Las Vegas Recap

Eternal Quartz Carta Flame Off

We attended the 2019 Carta Flame Off in Las Vegas and it was such a good time that we can’t NOT tell you about it!

Hello internet! As you know, we LOVE the Focus V Carta V2 and if you didn’t know that, then you need to go take a peek at this blog we wrote about it here to learn just what we love about it! When we heard there was a glass blowing competition for the Carta, we knew we had to check it out and we are so glad that we did! 

Glass Pieces by Eternal Quartz Glass

The Event

The Focus V Carta Flame Off was a glass blowing competition in Las Vegas on September 27th 2019. Admission was $40 or $20 if you pre-ordered tickets and totally free if you’re a local resident. The VIP package was $400 and included early access, access to the private glass auction, a Custom Crimson Carta Kit, and a gift bag! The purpose of this event was to get a ton of professional glass blowers together to show off their skills and to show off how well glass integrates to work with the Carta Platform and they all did an incredible job. The judges consisted of Boxfan, Carsten Carlile, Mercglass, Puntington, and Windstar and the prizes awarded were a 65mm Herbert Arnold, a 40mm Herbert Arnold, and a Pargon F240 KILN. The people’s choice winner received $1,000 in cash! 

Two Clear Glass Pieces by Eternal Quartz Glass

The Artists

We loved ALL of the artists we got to see glass pieces from but we did have a few favorites! Mama’s Glass was one of those favorites and the piece we liked best won the People’s Choice! MercGlass, Eternal Quartz, TonyKazyGlass, and 5th Element Glass were some of our other favorites and so much so that we even purchased a few items to try out with our own Cartas! The other winners were Hendy Glass in first place, Nerve Glass in second, and Hicdogg in third. You can check out any of their instagrams by clicking the highlighted names, and we totally recommend that you do! 

Blue, Pink, and Clear Glass Pieces by Eternal Quartz Glass

The Star of the Show: The Focus V Carta V2!

We HAVE to talk about this device again, especially now that we’ve seen just how awesome it is with some of these glass pieces. The Carta isn’t just exceptional because of how well it pairs with glass but also because of how supremely powerful it is for its size. We’re talking dual replaceable 18350 batteries, an impressive battery life, and huge clouds with incredibly potent (not to mention, tasty) vapor. It can reach the highest temperature setting in 13 seconds and has a temperature range of 500-842 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it perfect for using dry material or concentrates. If you haven’t grabbed one of these from us yet, you need to. It’s a fantastic every day vaporizer that you can take with you practically anywhere and it’s a fantastic conversation starter. Grab one from us here! We also have the limited edition Magna Carta V2 in your choice of black or white as upgrade options right on the listing! Grab one of those, not only for the sleek aesthetics but for some of the extra goodies, such as an extra atomizer, a bubble carb cap, and a rebuild kit included in the package!
People's Choice Winner: Mama's Glass Mama's Glass - Won People's Choice

The Glass

Take a look at some of the beautiful pieces we got to check out and click the picture to see the artist's Instagram!
First Place Winner Hendy Glass Hendy Glass- 1st Place
Second Place Winner Nerv Glass Nerv Glass - 2nd Place
Third Place Winnder Hicdogg Glass Hicdogg Glass- 3rd Place
5th Element GlassChase Adams Glass on Carta BaseEF Norris Glass on Carta BaseEnuff Glass on Carta Base Grime Glass on Carta BaseTony Kazy Glass on Carta BaseMitzel Glass on Carta BaseFreeek Glass on Carta Base

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As always, we LOVE to hear from you. Tell us what you think of this competition, the glass, and/or The Focus V Carta below or hit us up on Reddit any time! We love sharing things with you too, so follow us on our own Instagram to get a peek at what other adventures await us!
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