Sticky Brick User Guide

Sticky Brick User Guide

StickyBrick Review

The Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers are on demand handcrafted wooden vaporizers designed and built in North Carolina. The Sticky Bricks are butane powered vapes, which use a small cigar style torch to create convection vaporization. They embrace a unique approach to vaping and supply an amazing amount of flavor, combined with robust clouds that will knock your socks off.

In this StickyBrick review I’ll be going over the pros and cons of the vaporizer, as well discussing cleaning tips, techniques for the best clouds, and how the Brick lineup fares versus its competition. Spoiler alert: they're all shop favorites.

sticky brick labs vaporizer line up

Who are Sticky Brick Labs?

Stickybrick was built by Kenny, an amazing wood craftsman who brought his experience in the cabinet industry to our favorite vaporizer industry.  His attention to detail is rivaled by no one, and it truly shows in the StickyBricks that leave the wood shop. His staff includes some of the best woodworkers in the industry, and he has passed down his amazing craftsmanship to all of them as well. 

They are all handmade in the USA with US blown glass and American made screens. If you want to enjoy an all American vape, you won't be disappointed when you pick up a Sticky Brick for the first time.

sticky brick runt and OG Brick size comparison

What is a Stickybrick?

The StickyBricks lineup includes the OG, Junior (jr), Hydrobrick, Hydrobrick Maxx, Flip brick 2019, and the Runt. These vaporizers are an on demand convection style device that provide large clouds in a beautiful platform.

The Brick (Stickybrick OG) is the first in the great line up built by Kenny. The large vapor path provides ample cooling for your vapor, and the long intake makes it extremely friendly to anyone new to this lineup.

The Junior is a portable vaporizer built for a vaporist on the go. It uses a smaller bent flame intake and a small super portable glass mouthpiece. With built in glass protection, you can throw it in a backpack to sesh on the go. Just don't forget your torch at home!

The HydroBrick and HydroBrick Maxx are built for water pieces. You can either use the whip to pair with your favorite rig, or grab a hydratube for an all in one experience. You can get the largest, smoothest draws out of these two vapes with a waterpipe. The HydroBrick Maxx includes a cover for when you want to store it, or bring it to a sesh. (You know, once we can do that again.)

The Flip Brick 2019 pairs with your personal glass piece and has been completely redesigned form the original Flip Brick. It has a longer intake, and a longer vapor path as well. This results in an easier to learn experience that is extremely portable. Pair it with our Scope water pipe and we call this combo the Mini Maxx! This setup is perfect for anyone looking for a super portable powerful vaporizer.

The Runt is the newest brick to be released. Think of it as a miniature OG brick, combined with the intake from a Junior. This one is my personal favorite, the size makes it extremely ergonomic and it's super easy to learn how to use.

All Sticky Bricks now come with a restrictor disc pre-installed. This is the training wheel for your vapes. Once you get the hang of your vape using the restrictor disc, take it out and experience the real power behind these beasts.

how to use the sticky brick

How to use your StickyBrick

Using the stickybrick lineup has a slight learning curve. These beasts have two modes, training wheel and that full on v8 power you hear about on the forums. Training wheel mode is with the restrictor disc installed, and the v8 is released when you take out the restrictor disc.

You’ll want to test your torch first. I prefer a half inch flame length. If your flame is too long, you risk combustion. With a flame that is too short you may not get any vapor at all.

When loading your Sticky brick, I recommend using a loose load; you can load small amounts or large amounts. When you are first learning, cover the screen with herb and don’t load a full stem.

Ignite the flame on your torch. We recommend single flame torches for the SBL products. Cover the carb hole, leave the top intake hole uncovered. Put the flame into hole in the intake glass and move it in a small circle. Draw, we recommend a slow draw and building up to a larger draw speed. You may hear a whistle, this means that you are drawing around the speed I usually draw from my brick.

torch flame length sizes

Getting the perfect draw

Getting the perfect draw takes a little bit of time. It eventually becomes muscle memory, and you will be able to have dense vapor within seconds of loading.

Each person will have a different technique. We recommend frequent experimentation to get your best draw ;)

The things you can change are how much you load, how fast you draw, the flame size, how close you put the flame, and whether or not you want a restrictor disc. When starting off, we definitely recommend a restrictor disc. With a larger flame, you can hold it further from the intake and you can draw faster. Enjoy experimenting!

We recommend not covering the air intake hole, this is located in the same section of wood as the flame intake glass.

Cleaning your Stickybrick

Cleaning the Sticky Brick

You can clean the glass with isopropyl alcohol. We recommend a quick soak in iso, followed by running a q-tip through, or a paper towel for the larger mouthpieces.

The wood is sensitive to isopropyl, it causes cracking. This is because alcohol takes all of the moisture out of the wood. Instead, try using a minimal amount of water on a qtip. You can also use the included metal scrape tool to scrape out any residue.

After it is clean, grab your brick butter and put a small amount on a spare rag. Spread the brick butter on the outside of your vape. Be careful to only use a small amount, don’t apply too much. Let the butter sit for 10 minutes, and then wipe off any excess wax with a clean part of the rag.

Person Cleaning the Sticky Brick


Is your stickybrick torch not working? Try checking out our blog on lighter maintenance.  If that doesn’t work, double check that it is properly filled with butane, and that the dial on the bottom is set to a proper flame length. If it is too long, the butane may not ignite. If it is too low, there will be no flame.

If you are combusting, make sure that the restrictor disc is installed, and that your flame is a proper length. I personally like my flame right around a half inch.

If you are not getting any vapor, the flame may be too small. You may have to increase the flame length.

If your glass is broken, or your orings have worn out please check out our site for replacements. We ship them quickly, and they are very easy to install. There is a 30 day warranty on glass =)

From time to time dry air will crack the wood. To prevent this, make sure you are waxing your brick once every couple months. If you live in a dry area, you may have to do this more often.

Pros and cons of the Stickybricks


  • Huge clouds - The biggest appeal with the Sticky Bricks is their massive cloud potential. The draws rival desktop vaporizers, with thick plumes of fluffy vapor.
  • Amazing flavor -  The Sticky Bricks' full convection vaporization provides some of the best flavor we've experienced. The vapor path is wood and glass (and a stainless steel screen) which allows you to taste all the subtle flavor notes in your herbs. 
  • Made in USA - Produced in Asheville, North Carolina, the Sticky Bricks are all manufactured in the USA. The glass is all American blown as well. Every Sticky Brick purchase supports local hard working Americans.
  • Plenty of options - Between the OG Brick, the Sticky Brick Junior, the SB Runt, the HydroBrick, the HydroBrick Maxx, and the Flip Brick, there's truly a Sticky Brick out there for everyone.
  • Battery Free - All you need to use your Sticky Brick are some freshly ground herbs and a torch lighter! There's no chargers or batteries involved, which means you never have to wait to take a draw. There's no heat up time, either - the SB line offers near instant vaporization.


  • Slight learning curve - There's definitely a learning curve to using the Sticky Brick vapes. You may combust on your first couple of loads, as it takes a few tries to find the proper amount of heat. Practice makes perfect. 
  • May be difficult to use if you have eye problems - Solid hand eye coordination is necessary with the Stickybricks. Lining up the torch with the flame intake if you have limited eye sight or vision troubles. Listen for the whistle to know when you're hitting the right spot.
  • Not good for windy days - It can be tough to use a torch lighter out in the wind. Sticky Bricks tend to work best on clear days, or indoors when the weather isn't cooperating.
  • Glass is breakable - We've all been there. You're in the middle of a sesh, you just dropped a piece of glass, and you watched helplessly as it tumbled to its death. The Bricks all have a few glass parts involved so be sure to purchase spares if you're clumsy.

What makes a great on demand vape?

Flavor - The flavor from the Sticky Bricks is absolutely top notch. The vapor is thick, fluffy, and tastes great. Since it's all convection vapor, the flavor always stays fresh, and there's no crispy "burnt" flavor that conduction vapes can have.

Ease of use - There's definitely a bit of a learning curve to using the Sticky Bricks. However, all the Bricks work the same, so once you learn how to use one you know how to use them all. 

Size of clouds - Today's forecast, cloudy skies - the Sticky Bricks pump out lung-busting clouds of vapor. Once you dial your technique in, you can tear through a whole load in a few intense draws.

Portability - While the larger Bricks like the HydroBrick and the OG tend to work best at home, there's some great portable options, too. The Flip Brick, the SB Junior, and the Runt are all small enough to carry out and about.

Aesthetic variety - There's all sorts of wood species available for the Sticky Bricks. The standard wood species are currently Maple, Cherry, and Walnut, but there are also some exotic options available like Black Limba, Purpleheart, and Zebrawood.

What's in the StickyBrick box

What's in the box?

  • Sticky Brick Vaporizer
  • Glass Heat Intake
  • Glass Mouth Stem
  • Stainless Steel Restrictor Disc
  • Butane Lighter (Unfilled)
  • 5 Replacement Screens
  • Stir / Cleaning Tools
  • Lifetime Warranty, 30 Days For Glass

sticky brick on sale puffitup

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a powerful on demand vape then a Sticky Brick would be a fantastic choice. The convection flavor is phenomenal, and the cloud size is monstrous. Plus, they're made in the USA, so you're supporting a quality domestic business with every purchase.

There's a wide variety of Bricks available as well as multiple different wood species, so there's bound to be a Brick for everyone. The larger vapes like the OG Brick and the HydroBrick Maxx are great at-home vaporizers, and the Sticky Brick Jr and Runt are both geared for portable use.

This is the perfect vape for someone who needs intense draws at a moment's notice. With all the different options available, it's also a good fit for a connoisseur looking to expand their collection. While there's a little bit of a learning curve involved, once you dial in your technique, you'll be blowing clouds like a champ.

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