Healthy Rips Fury Edge Ultimate Guide - Full Review

Healthy Rips Fury Edge User Guide - Full Review

fury edge healthy rips ultimate review guide

Hey everybody! This is Alex from PuffItUp here with one of my personal favorite vaporizers, the Fury Edge by Healthy Rips. 

If you have any questions about your new Fury Edge, or even if you’re new to dry herb vaporizers, this guide is for you.

Table of Contents:

fury edge vs fury 2

What is the Healthy Rips Fury Edge?

The Fury Edge is a compact portable vaporizer from the lovely folks over at Healthy Rips. It’s the follow up to the Fury 2, bringing over everything we enjoyed as well as adding additional upgrades. The Edge maintains the stealth factor of the previous vape while adding many quality of life features that really take the experience to the next level.

One of the most requested features in a new Healthy Rips vape was extra battery life, and the Fury Edge delivers in spades - the 2300mAh battery is an almost 45% increase from the Fury 2. The Edge also utilizes USB-C charging, which is faster and more reliable than the old Micro USB standard.

There’s also a new glass accessory attachment option included in addition to the traditional plastic mouthpiece, which now has a glass vapor path inside. The accessory attachment includes a glass mouthpiece for more flavorful clouds. There are additional accessories sold separately, like the Water Pipe Adapter or the Edge Bubbler.

Fury Edge V2 Update

In the Fall season of 2020, Healthy Rips released an updated version of the Fury Edge. This V2 update brought a couple extra features to the Edge.

The session timer is now easily adjustable - the original Edge had a 5 minute set timer, and the Fury Edge V2 has a 3-7 minute adjustable timer. Press and hold the Power button and the Up button together for two seconds to enter the timer setting mode.

You can check the battery level on the Fury Edge V2 even when it’s powered off - one click to the Power button will display the remaining charge on the display screen.

The temperature range on the Edge V2 has been slightly extended, with a new lowest temperature of 280F. This is great for the flavor chasers, however I personally feel the best effects occur in the 350F-375F range. The maximum temperature has not changed and remains at 430F.

Updates in Fury Edge V2

Fury Edge V1

Fury Edge V2

5 minute session timer

3-7 minute adjustable session timer

Need to power on to check battery

Can check battery when powered off

Temp range: 320F-430F

Temp range: 280F-430F

fury edge how to use

How to use your Fury Edge

Setting up your Fury Edge for a session is easy and hassle free. Push the mouthpiece away from the body of the device to remove it and access the oven. The rim of the oven is tapered to help guide your herb into place when loading.

Once you've loaded it, snap the mouthpiece back onto the vape with a firm push. Three clicks to the power button will turn the device on. The vape will start heating once it's on, and you can use the up and down buttons to select your temperature.

The Fury Edge will vibrate once your desired temperature is reached, and you can start drawing slowly from the mouthpiece. The device will vibrate again when the session is over and will begin to cool down; if you’re not finished with your load, you can always power it back on for another round.

Getting the best clouds from your Fury Edge

We’ve got some great tips and tricks to get the best vapor from your Fury Edge. Using a fine grind and a fully loaded oven is the best way to get large, satisfying clouds. If you want a finer grind, try turning your grinder upside down while grinding. This keeps the herb in the teeth longer and results in a finer, more even grind.

Tamping the load down may impact airflow, so we recommend gently tapping your herb into place. The optional Edge Dosing Capsules are a great way to keep your oven clean and to easily swap out loads on the fly.

A long, slow, deep draw will produce the thickest vapor. Think of it like sipping on a thick milkshake, or enjoying a hot coffee on a brisk winter morning. That said, this is a vape with good airflow, and you can really draw big clouds it if you want. Just be sure to turn the temp up by a few degrees to account for the extra airflow.

I find I get the best flavor from the glass mouthpiece attachment, however I tend to use the default mouthpiece when I’m out and about for discretion. Try them both out and see what you like best. If you’re looking to switch it up, check out the Bent Glass Mouthpiece or the 3D Airflow Cooling Stem - they’re great additions to the Fury Edge.

fury edge cleaning

How to clean your Fury Edge

Keeping the Fury Edge clean is important to keep your vape performing in tip top shape. Luckily, Healthy Rips made sure to make cleaning an easy process.

For cleaning supplies we recommend using isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher preferred) and Q-tips. The higher percentage alcohol cleans faster than a lower percentage alcohol will. If you can’t find alcohol locally, consider purchasing some alcohol-filled Sap Swabs.

Start by removing the mouthpiece from the device and heating the unit up to its max temperature of 430ºF. Vaporizers are much easier to clean when they’re hot.

Place a drop or two of alcohol onto a Q-tip (lightly damp, not soaked) and swab the oven of the unit out. Hold the device sideways while swabbing. to prevent any residual alcohol from dripping into the device. It may take a few swabs to clean the oven up.

The silicone o-ring that holds the screen in the mouthpiece can be removed, and the screen and o-ring can be separated from each other. The screen itself can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean it up, however be sure the o-ring does not come in contact with alcohol. The o-ring can be hand cleaned with hot water and dish soap.

The mouthpiece can be cleaned in a similar fashion - a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip is perfect for cleaning the glass vapor path in the mouthpiece. 

It’s very important to allow all parts of the vaporizer to thoroughly air dry before reassembling. 

Troubleshooting the device

If you’re not getting the vapor you’re looking for, check out our “Getting the Perfect Draw” section above for some tips!

If the display on your Fury Edge is upside down, press and hold the power button for a few seconds to flip it back over.

The Fury Edge includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so if you ever have any issues with it, reach out to your retailer and they’ll take care of everything for you. If you purchased your device from us here at PuffItUp, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page

fury edge pros and cons

Pros and Cons of the Fury Edge


Sleek and pocketable - The small size of the Fury Edge makes it the perfect portable vape for the traveling user. It fits easily in a pocket or purse and even includes a mouthpiece cover to help keep the stank in.

Reasonably priced - At an MSRP of $149, the Fury Edge is reasonably priced for the top notch performance it puts out. It’s not the cheapest vape on the market, but it’s a great value for the vapor quality.

Quick heat up - With a heat up time of only 20 seconds, the Fury Edge is ready to use on a moment’s notice. While it’s still a session vaporizer, and not an on demand unit, the fast heatup and shorter session times make this a great on-the-go vaporizer.

Thick, tasty clouds - This little vape pumps out some big clouds of vapor. The flavor on the Edge is great too, especially with the new glass mouthpiece attachment. The upgraded all-stainless oven and heater kicks the flavor up a notch as well.

USB-C Charging - We love when vaporizers use universal chargers. The Fury Edge can be charged with any USB-C cable, so you’ll always have access to a charger. No proprietary plugs required!


Average battery life - We love a vape with long battery life. The Fury Edge has an updated battery that’s almost 45% larger than the Fury 2’s battery. You can expect to get around 6-8 loads per charge out of the Edge, which is solid but average. 

Not the best for concentrates - While there is a concentrate pad included with the Fury Edge, this vape is mainly focused on and designed for dry herbs. If you do wish to use concentrates in your Edge, I recommend sandwiching a small amount (around the size of half a grain of rice) between two layers of herb.

Built-in battery - Some users prefer replaceable batteries in their vaporizers, but the Fury Edge’s battery is non-replaceable. There's arguments to be had for both - removable batteries can be convenient to extend the life of a vaporizer, but built-in batteries can be customized by the manufacturer to suit their specific needs.

fury edge comparison

What makes an amazing dry herb vape?

Vapor quality: Clean flavor and powerful vapor are two of the most desirable aspects of a dry herb vaporizer, and the Fury Edge delivers in spades. This little vape pumps out big clouds.

Isolated air and vapor path: The stainless steel and glass vapor path is completely isolated from any electronics, and the flavor from it is top notch. Isolated airpaths are important to us, and it's one of the safety features we look for on every vaporizer.

Build quality: The Edge is built for rugged adventures, with a strong kirksite alloy body that holds up against bumps and scrapes. This is a vaporizer that's built to last.

Battery life: The battery life on the Edge is solid, getting around 6 to 8 loads on a full charge. This is a nice upgrade from the Fury 2’s smaller battery, but not quite as long as some other vapes on the market.

Portability: At only 3.5 inches tall and a weight of 163g, this is a pretty small vape! It's the perfect size to toss in your pocket, purse, or stylish fanny pack while you're on the go.

Ease of use: Using the Fury Edge couldn't be simpler - just load it, turn it on, and take a draw. Maintenance on this vape is simple as well, with the oven and mouthpieces being relatively easy to clean.

Session time: The default session time on the Edge is five minutes long, and it's the perfect Goldilocks session time - not too short and not too long, but just right. The Fury Edge V2 update added an adjustable 3-7 minute timer, so you can dial in the session timer to suit your needs.

fury edge box contents

What’s in the box?

  • Fury EDGE
  • Protective Cover
  • Mouthpiece-Glass Vapor Path
  • Attachment for Glass Accessories Glass
  • Mouthpiece Accessory
  • USB-C Cord
  • Stainless Steel Liquid Pad
  • Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
  • Wax & Cleaning Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • User Manual

fury edge closing thoughts

Final thoughts

Creating a follow-up to the Fury 2 was a tall job for Healthy Rips - the Fury 2 is an awesome vape in its own right, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to improve. With the Fury Edge, HR really knocked it out of the park, keeping all of the features we loved about the previous vape while adding some major quality of life improvements.

This is a great vape for portable usage as well as at home. It's stealthy enough to carry around town, but powerful enough to push out some serious clouds. Versatility is the name of the game with the Fury Edge. It's a vaporizer that fits into a variety of situations - and after all, variety is the spice of life.

The Fury Edge has been one of my favorite vapes since it first released, and I find myself reaching for it again and again. It's an awesome introductory vape for those just getting into dry herb vaporization, and it's also a fantastic addition to an already existing (and growing) vaporizer collection.

You can pick up your very own Healthy Rips Fury Edge at PuffItUp. 

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Have you tried the Healthy Rips Fury Edge? What do you think about it? Drop us a comment below, we'd love to hear what you think about it. We always appreciate all of your feedback!

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Alex and Sam killin it on this write up and review/cleaning guide, as always :).


How would you say this stacks up against the flowermate v5 nano? I used to use that all the time until I lost it somewhere.

Brandon M,

Looks like a great alternative to my Mighty. Heatup time seems very quick which is something I dislike with my Mighty so that’s great to hear. :)


Looks perfect for pocket carry. I love that you can get pods for it

Jt Munn

Great write up! Was expecting to have questions but you covered everything I was wondering about. Currently own a Dynavap 19M, but interested in a battery vape for when I’m out and about. After reading about it, the Fury Edge is quickly moving to the top of the list!

Daniella C.

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