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DynaVap Long Glass 3D Airflow Stem

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3D Flow Long Glass DynaVap Stem

Add cooling and a splash of color to your DynaVap setup with these glass stems.

Take your DynaVap to the next level in cooling with these 3D flow long glass stems, compatible with both stainless steel & titanium tips. Simply press your tip into the end of the stem and heat the cap using your method of choice. Cleaning is as easy as removing the tip, and using isopropyl (91 or higher) with salt--shake and bake! Rinse thoroughly to avoid vaporizing the iso/salt mixture and you're good to go when it has dried.

Key Features

  • 3D Flow Increases Vapor Path, Cooling
  • All Glass Vapor Path
  • Compatible with Both Stainless Steel & Titanium Tips
  • Approx 3" Length

***DynaVap Cap/Tip Not Included***

How to Insert a VapCap Tip

Apply a light dab of Dynawax to the bottom two o-rings of the tip or a drop of water if no Dynawax is available, to lubricate the o-rings. Slowly twist the the tip while inserting it into the glass stem. Only insert up to the base two o-rings, leaving the third o-ring to act as a spacer between the tip and stem. The third o-ring does NOT get inserted and can put too much pressure on the glass.