Boundless CFX Tear Down. Piece by piece

Boundless CFX Tear Down. Piece by piece

Boundless CFX Teardown

Boundless CFX, the Tear Down

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Awwwwwww yeah! Time to tear apart another vaporizer. Some manufacturers have a big problem with us disassembling their vape; that's a good sign we shouldn't be carrying it. A few weeks ago I met with Boundless in Vegas and had the chance to ask Randall, the jefe grande at Boundless if we can take apart a CFX and show the internals to our customers. He gave the best answer we have ever heard: "Of course you can, we would only say no if we had something to hide." The CFX is one of my personal favorite vapes overall. It is a well built, quick heating, powerful vape with a decent price tag. Disassembling this CFX was bitter sweet; we want to learn this vape inside and out but unfortunately doing so means we had to destroy it. :( OK, let's rip this thing apart! 

Boundless CFX Teradown

The Shell

Not too hard to remove with the right tools. The CFX enclosure is held together with 3 little hex screws. Boundless CFX Teardown Shell

Feng Shui

Overall a good use of space. You can make a cell phone paper thin because they don't heat up to 400°F. Vaporizers need some room to breath or they will overheat and die an early death; ultra small vaporizers tend to have a higher warranty rate. Keeping the heating element away from the circuitry and giving the circuitry some extra room to exhaust heat is all kinds of smart. The wiring and connections look solid compared to other brands. The wires are thicker gauge and more insulated than the average vape. Bondless CFX Back Chamber DisassemblyBelow the chamber top piece is a silicone bushing. This adds a layer of shock absorption to the ceramic glass chamber. Boundless CFX Vape Battery

Dual 18650 Batteries

LG, Sony and Samsung are the top names when it comes to Li-ion batteries. This specific unit uses dual internal LG batteries. Boundless occasionally uses equivalent Samsung batteries. Boundless CFX Heating Element

The Chamber

The air path is completely isolated from all electronics. The upper chamber is completely sealed and connected to a stainless steel air path that connects to the air intake at the bottom of the vape. Boundless CFX Chamber Insulation

Fiber insulated

Insulation surrounding the heating chamber keeps the chamber hot and the rest of the vape cooler. Boundless CFX Chamber

Ceramic Chamber

Our first look at the ceramic chamber. "Shelf Parts" refer to parts of a product that were already being made. You tend to see a lot of "shelf" ceramic chambers in vaporizers but this one appears to be unique. The brown tape around the top part of the chamber has two wires running to it and appears to be the conduction heating element. The bottom of the brown tape is the bottom of the chamber, the rest of the ceramic area houses the convection heating element. Boundless CFX Ceramic CoverBoundless CFX Convection Heating Element

Convection element

Cool, right? The spiral element appears to be aluminum, which makes sense because it heats faster than other metals. The heated spiral air path controls the temperature of air passing through your material. Boundless CFX Back Screen CircuitryBoundless CFX Back Circuitry

The Screen

The circuitry is connected to a small battery; most likely for the memory to store settings when the main batteries are drained. Boundless CFX Screen


Everything is on one board. Both charging ports, on / off button and the two front buttons are all on this little guy. OK, let's put this vape back together and see if it still works.......... 

Boundless CFX Broken


A friendly reminder: ripping apart your vape isn't covered by the warranty. We make these posts so you can know your vapes inside and out; these are not instruction manuals. If you completely disassemble your vape your warranty is void. Thanks to Boundless Vapes and their awesome team. We have been working with them for a while now and we are true believers in the brand. Boundless took on the more expensive brands and made a vape that is just as good or better, and did it at a fraction of the price. We are working hard to improve our blog posts. If there is a specific vape you want to see torn apart please leave us a comment below. Also check out our new Subreddit for free stuff and CJ posting plus our Instagram for cool pics of vapes, and the PuffItUp life.


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Tenho um Boundless CF e ele quebrou a parte do corpo. Não consigo achar a peça para reposição. Onde encontro essa peça para compra? Obrigado e aguardo um retorno.

Iago Donato

@Alex Sorry about that! We just updated the blog to fix that issue up – it should be good to go! =)

Alex (PIU)

All pictures are dead :((


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