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The HydroBrick by Sticky Brick Labs

A clever new addition to the Sticky Brick family, the HydroBrick produces instant convection vapor and features an 18mm connection for water pipe compatibility.

Convection vaping just got more versatile! The HydroBrick's 18mm glass on glass connection allows compatibility with your favorite water tube, whip or other 18mm accessories. Like the original Brick Vaporizer and Sticky Brick Junior, the HydroBrick is designed to provide thick, 100% true convection vapor on demand. The HydroBrick reaches vaporization temperature in moments using the included butane torch for maximum convenience. The new 316 stainless steel restrictor disc fits below the flame intake to protect the wood while lowering the chance of combustion, making technique even easier. The HydroBrick is handmade in North Carolina out of beautiful natural hardwood and both sections are secured magnetically for nearly effortless maintenance. The HydroBrick's hardwood construction isn't just for looks, it ensures longevity to produce vapor for years to come. Top-quality Simax Borosilicate glass offers pure flavor and increased durability over standard glass. The HydroBrick is sleek, versatile and capable of providing the performance you need the instant you need it!

Using the HydroBrick

  • Disassemble the HydroBrick and load enough material to cover the screen
  • Reassemble the HydroBrick and attach your preferred water piece to the HydroBrick's 18mm connection
  • Adjust the butane flame to approximately one inch
  • Hold the flame above the glass heat intake and draw while covering the lower front air-hole
  • Enjoy the super smooth and incredibly tasty vapor

Included Items

  • HydroBrick Vaporizer
  • 18mm Ground Glass Connection
  • Glass Heat Intake
  • Stainless Steel
  • Restrictor Disc
  • Butane Lighter (Unfilled)
  • Airhole Corks
  • 5 Replacement Screens
  • Stir / Cleaning Tools
  • Lifetime Warranty, 30 Days For Glass

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