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Ed's Essential Dab Tool by Ed's TnT

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Ed's Essential Dab Tool by Ed's TnT

Co-created by Ed's TnT and Dynavap, these tools are made with love for a stylish and functional way to handle your concentrates.

Ed's Essential Dab Tool was made in the USA by Ed's TnT and Dynavap to be a slightly larger, more comfortable tool for handling concentrates. The shank is a Dynavap made, non-stick, non-corrosive, medical grade titanium, with a precision spade shaped end to work with all types of concentrate consistencies. The handles are made from either T'zalam which is a lightweight and bright looking wood, or Katalox which is denser and darker in color. The hilt is wide and easy to wield with a squared-off block to prevent rolling. It also functions to keep the messy stuff up and off of your tables or other surfaces.

Note: All handles are handcrafted from natural wood. Each piece is perfectly unique and may not be the same as pictured. Puffitup is unable to guarantee a specific piece.