2019 VapCap M First Look - PuffItUp!

2019 VapCap M First Look - PuffItUp!

Happy Pi day :-D It's 3/14 and DynaVap just announced their 2019 VapCap M! Just like last year DynaVap waited until Spannabis, the largest European MJ expo, to announce their newest design.

History of the 2019 VapCap M

History of the VapCap M

It all started with the OG, a glass VapCap that worked great but was prone to breaking.

Made of stainless steel, the M is DynaVap's first vaporizer that is budget friendly and virtually indestructible.

The original 2017 M was an instant hit. The design was simple and very functional. This was during a time when manufacturers were trying to make their vaporizers more complex with Bluetooth apps and custom programming capabilities. VapCap's simplicity made it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Pi day 2018, DynaVap releases their newest version of the VapCap at Spannabis. DynaVap updated their CNC machinery which gave them the ability to make a much more refined product. The 2018 M reduced the size of the cooling fins and rounded off the edges. Dual airflow channels helped increase airflow and convection heating. The 2017 M had a smooth body which was sexy looking, however, it made the M a little hard to hold onto when rolling around in your hand. DynaVap added lines to the sides of the 2018 that make it easier to control. 

2019 VapCap M

The 2019 VapCap M

Here is everything new with the 2019 M:

The New Body includes impressive yet simple features. The grip area changed to a stippled design for more traction. Below the stippled grip there are sideways grooves that work as a "warning track" so you know if your fingers are too close to the heated area.

The carb hole has a larger groove and angled cuts on the back. Your VapCap rolls around in your hand while heating, then you cover the carb before taking a draw. The added grooves help you orient your vaporizer once it is fully heated so you don't spend too much time looking for the carb. 

2019 VapCap M Chamber

The New Airflow Channels add a zig zag pattern which increases the distance of the air-path, this gives the air more time to heat and create stronger convection. Grooves are cut along the top of the chamber to increase the airflow.

How to use it

  • Load your VapCap M 2019 to the top of the chamber. Try not to overfill it.
  • Hold your torch lighter to the sides of the cap. Keep your VapCap just above the flame.
  • Roll your vaporizer around so the lighter evenly heats the cap
  • Within a few seconds you will hear one or two audible clicks. This means your vape is fully heated and ready to use.
  • Cover the Carb Hole and draw from the mouthpiece. You may want to mess around with this, many people prefer tapping the carb hole or leaving it completely open.

Your VapCap will stay heated for roughly 30 seconds. 1-2 clicks will indicate your vaporizer has cooled down. Now you can reheat, reload, or finish your session.

Easy enough right? Just do what the "click" tells you and your vapor production will be nice and strong.

What's next for Vapcap?

People love their VapCaps and that love has built a unique community around the brand. Smaller third party woodworkers and glass makers are creating one of a kind parts and accessories for the DynaVap lineup. Here are some of our favorite people making accessories:

Pipes Induction Heaters

Ed's TNT

PhatPiggie custom stems and stands

Simerell Collection

Want to know more?

We just updated our Product Page with new information

Our YouTube Channel has tutorials and reviews of DynaVap products

Follow us on Instagram, we live stream with VapCaps all the time :)

Ready to buy the 2019 VapCap M?

Click Here to have your own 2019 VapCap M! Pre orders are expected to ship April 1st :-D 

2019 VapCap M First Look

2019 VapCap M

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