The Angry Shouting FlowerMate Sale!

The Angry Shouting FlowerMate Sale!

The Angry Shouting FlowerMate Sale!

Everyone’s favorite event is finally here again: Debate Night!

What’s the best solution for political rage? Vapor! Enjoy these Flowermate discounts and combos to celebrate our (lack of) interest in politics!

Flowermate V5.0S

The FM V5S is a true classic: amazing battery life and extraction efficiency in a pocket friendly form! We have the Flowermate V5.0S for $75 using code ENTSHOP – if you’d like a water pipe adapter for your new V5S use coupon code FM420 for a $79 V5S + WPA combo!

Flowermate V5.0S PRO

The same pocket friendly form as the original V5S plus a digital display and the precision of temperature control adjustable to the digit! For a limited time get your new Flowermate V5.0S PRO for $99 using coupon code PRO2 or use coupon code PRO3 for a $105 V5 PRO + Water Pipe Adapter combo!

Flowermate Mini

The Flowermate Mini is one of the smallest dry material vaporizers available, yet it still provides great vapor and thorough extraction. Get your FM Mini during this sale for only $79 using coupon code MGF – coupon code MGFF makes it a Water Pipe Adapter combo for $85!

Flowermate Mini PRO

A crisp OLED display, single digit temperature controls and the incredible portability of the original FM Mini! We’re currently offering the Flowermate Mini Pro along with a free water pipe adapter for only $99 by using coupon code MP 

All of our Angry Shouting Flowermate discounts are temporary; make sure to grab your specials while they’re still active!

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