Thanks Reddit /Trees !

Thanks Reddit /Trees !

Thanks to everyone who emailed us and explained what the whole pineapple thing is all about. For the longest time customers have been requesting us to draw pineapples on their packages, just like the horrible one above ( Randy did that one haha ) We always just figured if that's what customers want, then why not. After a year or so of doing this, our curiosity got the best of us and we started looking online to figure why people keep asking this. No luck, we finally asked on our blog and got emails right away. The whole thing started on Reddit!

Way too cool, it looks like we have quite the reputation on there, here are a few comments we found on there:

"Best customer service ever. Those guys over-deliver and make you feel awesome about buying a piece of plywood and plexiglass with 3 double A batteries for a hundred bucks. That might sound cynical, but I mean it sincerely - best purchase I've made so far this year. Plus it has science inside."

"They have VERY good customer service, It took 2 days for it to arrive. Super quick"

"look no further for the best place to buy an MFLB."

Thanks Reddit/r/trees ! And a big thanks to everyone that explained what the whole pineapple thing is all about (:

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