FlowerMate V5.0S Mini Pro, a Sneak Peek

Posted by Alex on

The internet is buzzing about the new Flowermate Mini PRO vaporizer. The Mini PRO is set to bring the V5 Mini design to the next level, offering increased precision, accuracy and control based on user preference. The first batch is expected to arrive early March 2016. Operation of the Mini PRO is similar to the original Mini, however, it has a new digital display with 3 button programming. Pressing the top button 5 times quickly turns the vape on and off. Holding down the top button for 2 seconds starts the heating. The Mini PRO can be adjusted in single-digit temperature increments ranging from 104F - 446F. The curved digital display indicates both Temperature and Battery life. The Coffee Cup icon displays when the vaporizer is fully heated. In addition, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by holding down the two bottom buttons for 1 second.

This is another great design by Flowermate; we are excited to receive the first batch.

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Here is a sneak peek of the new design:

flowermate mini pro vaporizer side main new flowermate mini pro vaporizer digital display flowermate mini side flowermate mini pro side


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