Fake Magic Flights, Counterfeits and Knock Offs

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We saw a Magic Flight vaporizer on a popular auction site recently for $59 with free shipping. A price like that sounds almost too good to be true... Well it was. below is a pictorial of an obviously Counterfeit Magic Flight.
This Fake Magic Flight was described as "New 2013 Magic Flight Launch Box"
fake magic flight launch box vaporizer mflb

See that blank space in the top right corner, that is where the serial number goes. The seller mentions that these are special non-serial Magic Flights..... There is no such thing

fake magic flight launch box vaporizer mflb

The corners are poorly sanded and uneven, take a look at the Clear Acrylic top, the Real Magic Flights have a lid that is flush with the wood. That extra lip on the lid is sure to pop this thing open in your pocket

fake magic flight launch box vaporizer mflb

Is that a plastic cover on the lid? Also the circle around the trench is not a circle. For some reason the circle is uneven on the top, looks like bad Dremel work. Also, take a look at the screen, the corners are folded over, that causes uneven heat distribution.

fake magic flight launch box vaporizer mflb

Oh wow, where to start. The batteries, charger, stem, cleaning brush, and caps don't even come close

fake magic flight launch box vaporizer mflb
Real Magic Flights come in white boxes, the off center sticker is a far cry from the screen printed logo on the real tins
This is just one of the MANY fake Magic Flights we have seen, and honestly none of them come close to the real Magic Flights quality. Real Magic Flights are made from the highest cuts of Maple, Cherry and Walnut wood. The production goes through hundreds of steps and each Magic Flight goes through quality control guaranteeing that each unit arrives in perfect condition
Here are some signs you have a Fake Magic Flight:
- No Serial Number
- The wood is splintering
- The name is spelled wrong (yes this actually happens)
- The price sounds amazing
- The edges are rough
- The screen is loose or bunched up in the corners
- The tin has a sticker on it
- The lid is not flush with the wood
- The wood appears to be a softer wood
There are plenty of great places to buy Magic Flights online, we are just one of them. Magic Flight recommends avoiding auction sites , you can also email Magic Flight about a specific seller before you purchase. We all want to save a save a little dough, but buyer beware, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is


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