Boundless Tera v3 Teardown (Tera-Down v3)

Boundless Tera v3 Teardown (Tera-Down v3)

The Boundless Tera V3 is back with revised internals and NO teflon!

In our first Tera Teardown we discovered thermal tape with adhesive wrapping the heater and leading to taste/smell issues at 550F or higher. The first set of Teras were recalled and replaced with teflon wrapped heaters. In our Tera V2 teardown we got a closer look at the Teflon AF 2400 sleeve which exhibited mixed test results despite being rated temperature safe up to 680F. The Boundless Tera V3 removed the teflon sleeve entirely and we're taking one apart to check out all the differences.

boundless tera teardown parts

Warning: Do not follow any of these steps with your vape, disassembly is not covered under warranty.

boundless tera v3 serial number

New Serial Number

The easiest way to tell the new Boundless Tera V3 apart from the previous two versions is the serial number printed on the base of the unit. If your Tera has a serial number it also has revised internals, no disassembly required. 

boundless tera v3 chamber

Loading Chamber with Screen

The first difference we noticed from the previous two Teras versions is the pre-installed screen in the V3's stainless steel loading chamber. The first two releases included a pack of screens without one in the chamber so most people (including everyone at PIU headquarters) used their unit without a screen. Reports of vapor being produced with a clean chamber caused Boundless to realize fine particles of material could get through the chamber without a screen in place

boundles tera v3 bottom screw removal

Base Plate Removal

We know from our previous Tera teardowns that the best entrance point will be the aluminum base plate. Two long screws and two short screws hold the base in place. With the base plate removed you can see the spring loaded negative battery connections. The circuit board is in the center and on the right side you can see the air intake tube's isolation from the electronics and other internals. 

boundless tera v3 case removal  boundless tera v3 teardown open

Chassis Removal

The Tera V3's aluminum chassis is comprised of the base plate and two side sections. The side sections are held in place with 6 screws total; 4 on one side and two on the other. With all six screws removed we gain access to the electronics, heating assembly, connections and all the other guts. 

boundless tera v3 heating element cover Boundless tera v3 circuitry

Circuit Boards and Connections

The Tera's primary circuit board connects to the display and buttons on the left side of the pictures; the micro-USB charging panel is connected by blue and green wiring on the right side. The thick red and black wires are the negative and positive battery connections. Near the center of the circuit board you can spot the haptic vibration module. 

boundless tera v3 chamber silicone

Heater Removal

The heating assembly is now free from its shell after some wire snipping and pulling. In our Tera V2 Teardown we noticed a large amount of silicone putty on the bottom of the heater but it looks like Boundless has removed it entirely for the V3 update. The other big difference in this section is the use of metal wraps instead of teflon like the V2 or thermal tape like the V1

boundless tera v3 metal wraps

Metal Heater Wraps

Here's a closeup of the new metal pieces that wrap around the Boundless Tera V3 heater. The wraps seal with tabs and secure the heating element and heater wiring in place.
boundless tera v3 ceramic heater strip boundless tera v3 heating element convection

Heating Element Disassembled

With the metal wraps taken off and a bit more wire cutting we can take the entire heater apart. Both the heating rod and protective sheath are made of ceramic and the spiral convection element appears to be stainless steel. Air enters the metal tube at the base of the unit and as it travels up the ceramic and steel spiral path it's heated to vaporization temperatures before passing up through the loading chamber.

If you have any questions about the Boundless Tera V3, requests for future teardowns or feedback for improving them please let us know in the comments below and keep an eye on our Blog, YouTube, Reddit and Instagram for further Boundless Tera updates!

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My Boundless Tera doesn’t have the serial number on the bottom. Is it still ok to use it? If not, who do I contact.

Deborah M Schaefer

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