Nostalgic Vaporizers: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Nostalgic Vaporizers: A Trip Down Memory Lane

June 6th is a day to celebrate higher education, a time when many of us fondly recall our college days filled with themed parties, warm Natty Light, and, of course, those creative makeshift smoking devices (RIP to that water bottle pipe you made freshman year). Today, we’re diving into a different kind of nostalgia with a look back at some of our favorite vaporizers from the past. Whether you were a vaping aficionado or just dabbled occasionally, these iconic devices likely hold a special place in your memories. Let’s rank and reminisce about our favorite nostalgic vapes!

1. The Ubie

Do you remember the Ubie? This vape, though it looks like a device for a different substance, was actually designed for dry herb. The Ubie was simple yet effective, providing a pure and flavorful vaping experience. If you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane, check out the Ubie website. It’s worth a visit—take a toke, relax, and perhaps add it to your bedtime stories.

2. The Zephyr Ion

Next up is the Zephyr Ion, a vaporizer that once stood as a competitor to the famous Volcano. The Zephyr Ion had an innovative feature that allowed it to retain vapor in bags, but this ultimately led to its downfall due to patent infringement issues with Storz and Bickel. Despite its short-lived market presence, the Zephyr Ion left a lasting impression on those who used it.

3. The Herbalaire Series

The Herbalaire series offered a range of desktop vaporizers that were truly ahead of their time. Marketed as 'tri-use' vaporizers, these devices could be used with a bag, whip, or via direct draw. They were versatile and efficient, making them a favorite among enthusiasts. If you still have a Herbalaire kicking around, consider yourself lucky—it was one of the best for loading up a nugget and starting a session without the need for grinding.

4. The Healthy Rips FIERCE

The Healthy Rips FIERCE was the brand’s largest vaporizer to date. While it was portable enough to fit in your hand, it wasn’t exactly pocket-friendly. With a large chamber and user-swappable LiPo batteries, the FIERCE was known for its long-lasting sessions. Although it has been discontinued for quite some time, we’re curious—does anyone still have one of these trusty devices?

Reliving the Glory Days

These vaporizers represent more than just devices; they are symbols of an era filled with experimentation, learning, and unforgettable experiences. As we celebrate higher education on June 6th, let’s take a moment to appreciate the tools that added a little extra flavor to our college years.

Let us know in the comments—what’s your favorite nostalgic vape? Do you have any memories to share about these classic devices? We’d love to hear your stories!

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