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Puffco Plus

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Puffco Plus Concentrate Pen

The new Puffco Plus achieves incredible flavor and performance using a fully ceramic heating surface with no exposed heating coils.

The Puffco name is known for creating high quality, top performing concentrate pens and the new Puffco Plus is their best design yet! Instead of traditional single or dual coil atomizers with exposed heating wires that can overheat material, the Puffco+ features a fully ceramic heating surface for controlled heating and pure flavor. Another feature unique to the Puffco Plus is the integrated ceramic dart within the mouthpiece. The ceramic dart is used for loading material, blocking splashback and distributing heat evenly throughout the loading chamber. The Puffco Plus offers three different temperature settings to match personal preference and a heat chamber cover is included to keep the surface of your Puffco+ cool to the touch. The Puffco Plus' durable, sturdy and sleek form make it incredibly discreet and pocket friendly for ultimate portability.

Key Features

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber (No Exposed Coils)
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber Dart
  • Heating Chamber Cover
  • Three Temperature Settings (3.6v, 3.9v, 4.2v)
  • Durable, Sturdy Construction
  • Sleek, Compact Pen Form

Simple to Operate

The Puffco+ is activated and deactivated by pressing the cloud button 5 times in a row. Press the button 4 times after activation to switch between temperature settings: Green - 3.6v, Blue - 3.9v and Red - 4.2v. Once your preferred temperature is selected load a BB sized amount of fully melting material into the ceramic loading chamber. In the standard heating mode the Puffco Plus will turn off after 8 seconds of holding down the cloud button; press the button twice in a row to enter "sesh mode" which heats the Plus continuously for 12 seconds or until you press the button once to return to the standard heating mode.

Included Items

  • Puffco PLUS
  • USB Charger
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Instruction Manual