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Vapor Brothers VB1

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Vapor Brothers VB1 Hands-Free Vaporizer

Produced by one of the first names in the vapor industry, the Vapor Brothers VB1 design has been time tested to provide reliable performance for years to come.

One of the most iconic vaporizer designs ever created; there have been many attempts to copy the VB1 form but none of them are able to match the VB1's performance. Vapor Brother's signature Natural Mineral Heater provides incredible vapor quality and the utmost purity; the only taste is your material. The VB1 features the Vapor Brothers original glass-on-glass style hands free whip for incredible convenience; lean back, relax and draw from the whip at your leisure. The VB1 is still proudly handcrafted in the USA, which is becoming more and more rare in the vaporizer industry. Whether it's your first vape or another addition to your collection, the VB1 is a time tested favorite that is sure to impress.

VB1 Key Features:

  • Natural Mineral Heater; Thick, Pure Vapor
  • Beautiful Natural Wood Enclosure
  • Simple to Use Analog Dial Control
  • Glass-on-Glass Hands Free Whip
  • Time Tested Design
  • Made in the USA

Easy to Operate:

Turn the analog dial clockwise, the unit activates with a click and the power light turns on. Continue rotating the analog dial until the notch is roughly at the 11 o'clock position for the best flavor. While the unit is heating load your material into the bowl end of the whip, a fine grind works best. In about 4-5 minutes the Natural Mineral Heater is completely heat saturated. Place the bowl end of your whip over the heating element and draw pure, delicious vapor. Try turning the dial up to the noon position for further extraction at higher temperatures. Try stirring a few times during a session to allow the hot air to reach every bit of your material.

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