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Small Air Tight Space Case Scout Stash And Grinder

Space Case

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Space Case Small Scout Stash and Grinder

Size: 1.5" W x 1.5" T

Space Case® grinders are arguably the best grinders on the market. Made in the United States with only the top quality materials and machinery. All Space Case products are created using modern Computer Numerical Control [CNC] machines that produce flawless threading and fittings that screw on perfectly. Manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum creates a magnificent finish and with a teflon o-ring makes for the smoothest grinding, no metal shavings. The diamond cut teeth work for great shredding and the neodymium magnets hold it together with superior closure.

Benefits of the Scout 3-Piece

The top part of the Space Case Scout is filled with razor sharp teeth that will evenly grind your herbs. The base of the Scout is an airtight storage container to hold your material on the go.