SLX V2.5 - Small 4-Piece Grinder

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SLX V2.5 Ceramic Coated Grinder - Small 4-Piece

The SLX V2.5's ceramic nonstick coating is molecularly bonded to 7075-T6 aluminum for an ultra durable grinder that is nearly impervious to buildup.

The SLX V2.5 is the slickest grinder available. The unique ceramic bonded surface is incredibly low friction and resistant to sticking, keeping it turning like new even without cleaning. The body is perfectly CNC machined from tough yet lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum, one of the strongest grades available. The exterior of the SLX provides comfortable slab cut grips while the 27 trapezoid shaped teeth with 4 cutting edges each shred and fluff material with ease. The 4-piece design is enclosed by rare earth magnets and features a fine-micron stainless steel screen to separate pollen from your shredded material for storage.

Key Features

  • Updated Ceramic Bonding - Nonstick, Low Friction
  • New Stronger Magnet
  • Each Piece now QC Checked during manufacturing
  • Updated Ultra-Durable 7075-T6 Aluminum Build
  • 27 Thick Trapezoidal Teeth
  • 4 Cutting Edges per Tooth
  • 4 Piece Design - Integrated Storage
  • Comfortable Slab Cut Grips
  • Rare Earth Magnet Enclosure
  • 2" (51mm) Diameter

4-Piece Benefits
The top section of the small 4-piece SLX features 27 thick trapezoidal teeth, each tooth has four cutting edges to evenly shred your herbs. When the herbs are shredded to the proper size they fall into the second chamber. As the herbs fall into the second chamber the finest pollen falls through the Stainless Steel mesh screen and into the bottom collection chamber.