Simrell Collection Titanium Vortex VapCap Stem

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Simrell Collection

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Simrell Collection Titanium Vortex VapCap Stem

Personalize every puff with this sleek, medical grade titanium must-have for DynaVap and on-demand vaporizer lovers everywhere.

The Vortex has taken on-demand vaping to a new level by giving you the control you need to make each and every draw just for you. The Vortex's teardrop airflow-shaping carb guides air around the isolation tube in a circular fashion, creating a vortex which gives you a smoother, less restricted draw.

Previous stem designs have simply allowed you to turn the airflow on and off but the unique shape and placement of the teardrop on the Vortex give you even more control than before, by allowing you to manipulate the acceleration and movement of the air depending on how you cover the carb. The finished product: a finely tuned draw just the way you want it.

With a beautifully machined unibody design, you'll not only look great holding it but there's no need for any o-rings or other small parts, leaving you with less maintenance. All you need are your trusty DynaVap cap and tip and you're good to go, but if you'd like, you can also pair this stylish stem with your favorite 10mm glass jointed water piece. This brilliant design also makes cleaning a breeze. You can simply soak your Vortex in isopropyl alcohol and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Key Features

  • Pure Medical Grade Titanium
  • Unibody Design with Integrated Condenser
  • Teardrop Airflow-Shaping Carb
  • Compatible with 10mm Glass Jointed Water Pieces
  • Compatible with any DynaVap Tip
  • Easy to Clean

** Does Not Fit DynaVap Condensers**

**Dynavap Tip and Cap Not Included**

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