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Shenzhen Crossing Crucible V4 Cup

Shenzhen Crossing

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Shenzhen Crossing Crucible V4 Cup 

The Crucible V4 Cup is a rebuildable atomizer that's made for the experienced concentrate loving vaporant.

The Crucible V4 Cup by Shenzhen Crossing is a 510 threaded, rebuildable concentrate atomizer which uses a rebuildable dual post coil for customization, a quartz heating dish for maximum flavor, and a ceramic heating element that heats up super-fast, and stays hot for efficient use on the go! The cartridge is made from a durable and high-quality stainless-steel and is made of two parts, the mouthpiece section and the base. The mouthpiece section features a removable 13mm drip tip and a vortex airflow system for silky smooth vapor. The Cap has direct injection airflow which fires air directly into the dish, stirring the concentrates for a more even heating. The rebuildable coil is made of three parts, a glass quartz cup, a ceramic donut element, and a ceramic spacer with dual wires, and is held together with a single stainless-steel pin and the wires, which fit into the base's dual posts. Saddle up with your own Crucible V4 Cup for a concentrate vaporization ride, you won't soon forget.

Key Features

  • 510 Threading for Mod Compatibility
  • Ceramic Heater for Quick Heat Up Times
  • Vortex Airflow System for Smoother Clouds
  • Rebuildable Coil
  • Direct Inject Airflow for Even Heating
  • Easy to Clean

Using the Crucible Cup V4

It's recommended to clean the Crucible Cup V4 before use by soaking the mouthpiece and top cover in Isopropyl Alcohol one the O-rings have been removed. You can lubricate the o-rings with oils made for food after putting them back on, and wait until it's dry before using. Set your Mod (not included) to the appropriate settings for your Quartz or Ti Crucible.

Load a small amount of concentrate. About the size of a grain of rice works best. With the cap off, press and hold the fire button until the concentrate is bubbling and then replace your cap and draw. A long slow inhale will produce the best results. The recommended settings from the manufacturer are NI mode for both Quartz and Titanium at 33w or 500 degrees Fahrenheit for Quartz or 350-410 degrees Fahrenheit for Titanium.

Your resistance should be between .43 and .52 for a new coil. If you prefer to use wattage mode, we recommend not exceeding 19 watts, and pulsing the fire button to avoid overheating the donut rod. As well, you may want to pulse the fire button for your quartz, once it's been heated to avoid overheating.

Starting at a low setting and going up to find what works for you, is always recommended. For a more even heating, twist the cap with your thumb and index finger to make the vortex airflow system stir the concentrate more.

Always be sure the pink beneath the coil is not touching either of the metal posts to avoid a short and treat all equipment gently when assembling or disassembling. Always remove the heater from the posts before taking the pin out from beneath the cup. The quartz rod on the bottom of the cup is fragile.

Included Items

  • Crucible Cup V4 with 13mm Donut Installed
  • Extra 13mm Donut and Spacer
  • 4 Replacement screws
  • 2 Replacement Cotter Pins
  • Quartz Crucible Cup
  • Tool
  • Screw Driver
  • User Manual

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