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Quiver Full Sender Package

Quiver Fabrications

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Quiver Fabrications - Full Sender Package

The first entirely titanium water piece. Take your water filtration to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or outer space with a 14mm female connection for your vape.

The Summit Bubbler from Quiver Fabrications is a water piece you can throw in a lake, and then vape out of after. (Check out our Instagram feed for proof!) The completely titanium Summit is a flavor bazooka with a smooth interior offering strong, clean draws. With the Summit, dropping your water piece doesn't have to end in tears.

The Full Sender package provides you with a Summit and everything you need for your preference of dry or liquid material. Quiver Fabrications use a 100% pure quartz for their banger, which has an optimized size and thickness to prevent liquid from slipping back into the neck, and for super fast heat up and cool down times, and quality heat retention. The Titanium pieces are all made from the highest quality commercially available Grade 1 titanium, which is 99.36% pure and offers the healthiest, cleanest, tastiest performance possible. The included Utility Ring allows you to travel more easily with your Quiver Summit, by clipping it to a backpack or other items.The included heat band is made with heat resistant silicone to provide you with comfort and protection through longer sessions.

Included Items

  • The Summit Kenai Concentrate Nail
  • Danali Dabber/Carb Cap
  • 100% Quartz Banger
  • Utility Ring
  • Heat Band
  • Merapi Flower Bowl 14mm Male
  • Wooden Display Box
  • Lifetime Warranty