Phatt Piggie - Phatt Piggie Custom DynaVap Stem

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Phatt Piggie

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Phatt Piggie Custom DynaVap Stem

A Phatt Piggie Custom DynaVap Stem is an artisan-made, hand crafted, functional work of wooden vaporizer art.

This custom mouthpiece DynaVap stem from Phatt Piggie is the perfect accessory to customize your existing DynaVap vaporizers. A wood worker from the UK with an eye for elegance and high functionality, Phatt Piggie produces pieces that are as enjoyable to use as they are to look at.

Key Features

  • Artisan Made
  • Includes Wax and 5 Wooden Cleaning Dowels
  • Approx 4" Length (Varies by Handmade Piece)
  • Each piece is unique- patterns and color may vary

***DynaVap Cap/Tip Not Included***

Caring for your Wooden Stem

Never wash, soak, submerge, or dip a wooden mouthpiece in any liquid to avoid swelling, cracking, and discoloration.

To clean the outside of the stem, apply wax (Included) to a rag or microfiber cloth, rub the wax onto the wood using your cloth. Wait a couple minutes for it to soak in, then remove excess wax.

In order to clean the inside of a wooden stem, simply push the wooden cleaning dowel (included) through the stem a couple times.