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Nova Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent

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Nova Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent

The Nova Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent is a one-step decarb solution to turning your dry organic material into consumables!

The Nova is an odorless solution to creating consumables from your dry organic materials without having to go through the hassle of your home oven. Decarb and enjoy!

Nove Lift Decarboxylator Key Features:
  • Fully Activates Dry Organic Material
  • Odorless
  • Decarboxylation in Under Two Hours
  • Holds up to One Ounce of Dry Organic Material
  • One Button Operation
  • 7.5" x 4"
Simple to use:
To use the Nova, remove the cover, place your ounce or less of dry organic material, close the top and press the power button. The Nova will then fully activate the material within two hours, and then you can add the finished product to your consumable of choice!

Included Items:
  • Nova Lift Decarboxylator
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